Overwatch Beta

Overwatch Beta

Posted by STR-MS on Friday, May 6 2016

As you may be aware, Blizzard's upcoming shooter Overwatch entered open beta yesterday and is currently free to download & play - No beta key, previous sign-up or pre-order required.

In terms of content, the beta includes pretty much everything you'll be able to expect on launch day; including its full roster of heroes & maps. As such you'll be able to jump in there & get a feel for all the different heroes & their abilities before the game officially launches on May 24th.

- Matches are on the short side so if you have a limited amount of time, this shouldn't be an issue. Overwatch is really well suited for jumping in and out, as and when you want. Unlocks all consist of vanity items like skins & emotes so no other player will have a heads-up on you in terms of weapons or anything, just time played (though all progress from the beta will be wiped upon release anyhow!). The game is also very small (under 6GB) so you won't have a massive client to download just to try it!

- Due to the art direction & the fact that it is extremly well optimized, you don't need a monster rig to be able to play it either. The game runs beautifully.

There are a few of us already playing it but it would be lovely to see a few more people in there. Fancy giving it a try with us? Drop by our Discord channel and see if anyone's playing or up for some games -

Beta ends on Monday (May 9th) at 6pm BST.


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