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Welcome 7th Legion

We'll be providing some web space to the FFXI group, 7thLegion!

Stay tuned!

Molten Core - Boss #1 - Lucifron Dead! (WoW:EU)

Congrats to all!

This evening the SSX, GoE & Union slayed the first boss in the Molten Core - Lucifron on our very first guild run! We also attempted the second boss - Magmadar, we did end up wiping however we got him to around 33% health which wasn't too bad for our first run.

2 drops tonight were the Gauntlets of Might and the Lawbringer Boots which went to Armed and Lightforge.

Many many thanks to everyone that came along, especially to QD, Feitan & Mip who did an excellent job of guiding us through!

World of Warcraft Patch 1.7 Sneak preview

A very nice patch is on its way!

Some highlights from this patch are:

Zul'Gurub - New 20man raid instance found in Stranglethorn Vale, with 120 new rare and epic items!

Arathi Basin - New Battleground in the Arathi Highlands, 15vs15

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza - New fishing event along the coast of Stranglethorn vale.

Dressing rooms - A new feature added so you can view a preview of any piece of armor to see what it would look like on you!

Tons more new stuff and changes as well.

Get ready folks, Molten Core next week! (WoW:EU)

Next Wednesday (24th August) at 7:30pm (GMT / 8:30pm Server Time) we are planning to pay a visit to the Molten Core where we will hopefully manage to slay the first boss - Lucifron.

We shall be accompanied by Grace of Elune and Union have offered to lend us a hand as well.


You must have completed your attunement to the core quest

You must be level 60

You must have the latest version of CTRaidAssist installed and working.

If you are an SSX member you are highly recommended to be logged in on our Teamspeak server even if you do not have a mic.

You must pay attention :p

For more information please see the announcement thread here.

Are you ready for the Molten Core?! (WoW:EU)

I'm gathering a list of names of all our level 60s that have completed the Attunement quest needed to go to the Molten Core.

Can all level 60s aim at completing this quest before the end of this week please, if you still need to do the quest you can find the quest info on the forums if you need. We will be arranging some more BRD groups during this week to help more guild members complete this quest but if you have the opportunity of doing this in a random group as well then please do so!

Please check this thread, if you have done the quest but your name is not on the list please post a reply.

UBRS & BRD Instance runs all week with Grace of Elune

Throughout this week we will be running BRD and UBRS along with Grace of Elune. By doing this we hope to get more guild members completing their Onyxia quest chains and receiving their drakefire amulets as well as for loot & fun.

Runs will begin at 7:30pm GMT (8:30pm Server time) so if you wish to take part please arrive before 7:30.

Progress is being made on BlackWater Operations!

Some of you may not know, many probably aren't interested, but I'm positing it as "General FS2" knowledge, for the most part because if this falls under anything, it's Vanilla FS2 heh.

During the last year since I joined the BlackWater team we've made heavy progress, and are currently beta testing the final chapter for the campaign. Meanwhile, all of the models are being updated to HTL status, considering BlackWater was supposed to be for FS2 vanilla, just simply one of the reasons why it's taking so long.

We're not releasing any of the newly modified ships screenshots yet, however we are releasing shots of the main vessel the campaign mostly revolves around.

First, here is a render that was made eons ago (three years probably).

...and this is how it appears in-game today (for the most part):

Hope you enjoy it.

Arathi Basin Preview (New Arathi Battleground!)

The war between Horde and Alliance has spilled onto a new arena. As resources are spent waging battle, both sides must find new territories to plunder in order to feed their ongoing war effort. The League of Arathor and the Forsaken Defilers have both been tasked with conquering the resource-rich Arathi Basin...and you have been drafted to help. Who ever takes the Basin will gain untold riches for their side and cripple the enemy. Find out how to win this all-new Battleground and discover what honors and rewards await those who find victory in Arathi Basin.

Two Day Time Extension (WoW:EU)

Due to some recent disturbances in gameplay all World of Warcraft players in Europe will receive a two-day time extension. In the next few days the two-day extension will be added to players' accounts that were active during the last weekend.

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