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Website Updates

A few changes have been made and are being worked on for this site right now:

- Screenshot page [Finished] - The site is now using KJ's screenshot program. This displays lots of NC2 screenies as well as screenies from our other SSX groups. *Group Moderators/Admins are able to upload new screenshots to the page following the guidelines found in our basement forum.

- Sigs / Avatars page [Finished] - Signatures made to advertise exiles can now be found on the site. Please feel free to use them. *If you would like to design a signature or avatar to be placed on the website, please follow the guidelines found in our basement forum.

- New manageable KOS list [In Development] - Once finished, the new KOS list will be manageable by current group moderators & admins rather than just myself.

If you're a member of exiles, please keep an eye on the basement forum for further updates.

Mr. Jones is coming...

Seminus, from the KK art department has posted 2 wallpapers of a guy we will meet ingame soon called "Mr Jones".

He can be seen wearing a pair of shades as well as duel wielding 2 of the new rares.

Mr.Jones Discussion thread.

World of Warcraft Europe Release

Blizzard Entertainment today announced that World of Warcraft will officially release in Europe on Friday, 11th February, 2005. The game will be available for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Macintosh in English, French and German. There will be a standard edition, containing the game on four CD-ROM disks, and a collector's edition with a plethora of included World of Warcraft memorabilia. Both versions will be fully localised into English, French and German, and will also be available with a Spanish or Italian box and manual.

With the launch less then two weeks away, the European infrastructure is in the final stages of preparation. The second phase of the Final Beta has been launched, more than doubling the number of players in the game, making World of Warcraft bigger than the current and entire European MMORPG market. In addition, just prior to launch, the existing servers will be taken offline and wiped clean, which will erase all current accounts and characters. This will help us to ensure that the game launches in the best possible conditions and also means that all players will start afresh on an even footing.

Blizzard Entertainment would like to thank all those players who are currently testing the game and would appreciate your continued support of the Final Beta up until launch!

New KK in Town

A new KK has entered the town and he would like to introduce himself to you, so I am handing over the keyboard to him.

"Hello everyone my name is Emmanuel aka: DarkFall. I am 25 and from NYC, USA. I will be filling in the position of a full time permanent coder in the Reakktor Mansion in Hannover, Germany. I am thrilled to be joining such a great and fast growing community of online gamers. I am also looking foward to get in touch with all of you for any neocron 2 testing issues in the future."

DarkFall is currently settling down here in Hannover and you will certainly have the possibility for a smalltalk in the game within the next weeks. So please step back from any directly contacting him until he is settled down.

Discussion Thread

Fallen Angels election

Congratulations to SirRah, who became chairman of the Fallen Angels early this morning.

Rah won with around 55 of the votes with Brammers following in second with approx 35 votes.

Status Update from Nid

New Dev Hired

A new full-time developer has been hired and will start work in early February. He will introduce himself to you all when he's plucked up the courage but I'd like to welcome him on board early! We all look forward to working with him.

Item Tracking

Item Tracking is on schedule and virtually complete. It certainly hasn't been dropped, ignored or otherwise pushed to the bottom of the priority list because this is as important for us as it is for all of you and we're keen to bring it on-line. It is on target to be introduced at the same time as the international release.

Player Shops

This one is proving to be a little more tricksy. Player Shops are still on the priority list but progress is not as advanced as it is for item tracking (which we believe is higher priority than player shops, all things considered). I will keep you updated of progress but until then I'd like to urge everyone to support current RP initiatives (such as Heavyporker's shop). If you wish to start a shop of your own then please feel free to discuss it with one of our excellent Event GMs. To recap, Player Shops are still on the to-do list!

Terra Model Corruption

We have now decided to resolve these issues on a case-by-case basis after the next patch. At that time I will post further information on how to report any corrupt characters you may have, and our GM hairdressers will sort you all out with something for the weekend.

PayByCash Update

Unfortunately the problem regarding PayByCash has not yet been resolved. The discussion has escalated to CEO level and we hope for a resolution quickly. This is another situation that we would prefer to see behind us as soon as possible. Sooner, in fact.

Theme Week Progress

Christmas, illness and the loss of Iorghe have all contributed to an apparent stall of the HackNet Theme Weeks (or Theme Weeks in general). The Theme will be continued, progress (mainly on fixes, which were always the priority for Theme Weeks) has been made and will be released in the next patch. I'd like to restate that Theme Weeks are an important initiative and we're still fully committed to making them happen.

Newb Killing and Soullight

We're considering Soullight for a possible Theme Week in the future based on concerns expressed recently. No promises for when it will happen but it's been noticed and noted.

Implant Drop

This issue is still being investigated and will be resolved as soon as it's tracked down. It's definitely on the to-do list.

Trade Spam

A spam filter was implemented as part of the DOY expansion but it is not currently enabled due to some early issues. The filter works by simply choking the input to one message every few seconds and I'll be checking on its progress until the problem is resolved. Until then can I ask that you all please use the OOC channel instead of trade or you could get yourself into trouble with our GM team. Thanks for your cooperation.

WOC Items

It's intended that WOC items will be more than just re-badged weapons/items with better stats so we're holding off on releasing anything until we can implement something more special.

Plan File

Holger will be posting a new Plan File in the next week or two where he will set out his aims for Neocron in the coming months. There's still a lot more in store - and in a good way.

English Manual

The English manual has been updated to better reflect the game mechanics (for example, no more cash cubes ), new HUD, character creation, professions etc. and has been sent to 10t for use in the International release. We'll put it online as soon as it's been tidied up and the graphics added etc.

The original thread can be found here.

Iorghe says goodbye :(

Iorghe, one of KK's top Devs says goodbye to Neocron :'(

"Hi community,

Time has come for me to say good bye. After 1,5 years at Reakktor Media, the distance between me and my family, friends and home is taking its toll.

I would like to thank all of you, especially the people with whom I worked closely for the creation of the NeMa, the players that came to me with suggestions, tips and every once and a while with their grievances.

Last but not least I would like to thank all the GM's and moderators, you guys are just great.

I think we had some great times and it is with pain in my heart that I am bringing you this news. I will most definitely see you all in game."

You can find his leaving thread here:

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