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Zul'Gurub Sneak Preview!

Over a thousand years ago the powerful Gurubashi Empire was torn apart by a massive civil war. An influential group of troll priests, known as the Atal'ai, called forth the avatar of an ancient and terrible blood god named Hakkar the Soulflayer. Though the priests were defeated and ultimately exiled, the great troll empire collapsed upon itself. The exiled priests fled far to the north, into the Swamp of Sorrows, where they erected a great temple to Hakkar in order to prepare for his arrival into the physical world.

Take a moment to read more about the upcoming raid dungeon: Zul'Gurub!

Lower Blackrock Spire weekend 5th-8th Aug (WoW:EU)

This weekend we will be running lower blackrock spire again to get Azula, myself (Hellmasker) & Thoran (if he still needs one) sorted with UBRS keys.

If you are up for coming along please be let Mipross know ingame, we will be setting off at 8pm server time (7pm GMT).

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza!

The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is a grand new event set along the coasts of Stranglethorn Vale. Aspiring anglers will soon be able to participate in this grand tournament when the next patch releases. At the appropriate time, the shout will ring out across Stranglethorn to bait your hooks and cast your lines!

Patch 1.6.1

This small update addresses certain issues in Blackwing Lair and includes some improvements to the Macintosh client. To read the full list of changes, take a look at the patch notes here

Recruiting limit reached! (WoW:EU)

The recruiting limit for our Bladefist guild has now been met for this week. Welcome to fry, Reckless, Sugarbabe and Kanuai who have joined Exiles this week. Hope you all enjoy your stay with the SSX. ;)

Recruiting will open again on Mon 1st August.

Upcoming Blackrock Spire Weekend 29th-31st (WoW:EU)

Next weekend I'm hoping for us to be able to do a weekend in the Blackrock spire, both Upper and Lower.

If enough people turn up, we will start on the friday and maybe saturday as well with an UBRS run. Our friends at Grace of Elune have also been invited along, so should be a lot of fun :D

On the sunday maybe we can do some LBRS runs, but we'll see about that on the day!

The runs will be aimed for starting at 7:30pm GMT like usual, so if you're 58+ please let me know if you wish to join in and help the guild.

Important notice for ingame moderators (WoW:EU)

Later today a new page will be uploaded to the website, a page containing moderator rules.

The page goes into detail about rules on recruiting, merging, inviting people back into the guild and most importantly a new recruitment limit rule. I feel (and so do others that have already approached me) that we have been recruiting way too many people recently in such a short period of time. This new recruiting limit will help stop this. (See page for more info once its online)

All moderators please check the website later again today once the page has been made viewable, thanks.

Website update

New page added - A teamspeak/irc server infomation page has now been added to the website, hopefully this will encourage more people to make use of our facilities in the future. - As stated on the page, if you need a teamspeak account creating please register on our forums if you haven't already and then PM either myself, QD or Pad and one of us will create an account for you. - Please state a desired username & password.

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