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SSX TOR Server Details

As promised I can now reveal the server information for our Empire guild in TOR.

Guild Name: Shattered Star eXiles

Allegiance to: The Sith Empire

Server Name: Bloodworthy

Europe (English), PvP

If you are one of the people who joined our pre-launch guild before importation started you will see a gold flag icon next to our assigned server on the server selection screen ingame. Pick this server and start creating your character.

Once you are ingame you will be presented with a dialogue box inviting you to join our guild. Please note that you can only accept this automatic invite once so please try and make sure that the character you accept on is your main. If you decline the invite you will be asked again on the next character you create either until you accept or you enable the "ignore guild offer" in the preferences options. ~ If you go on to create alternate characters on the same server as our guild you should either PM one of us for an invite (alts are more than welcome) or you can leave your alt(s) clanless if you would prefer.

For any existing members who may have only recently decided to join us in TOR just hit one of us up ingame and we'll throw an invite your way too!

Lastly, as a friendly reminder and at the risk of sounding like a broken record. Once you are in the guild it would be greatly appreciated if everyone can make sure their character details have been added to our Roster thread on the forums and remains up to date. - Huge thanks for this.

[For a more detailed guide on how the Guild Deployment system works you can read the announcement post here.]

Look forward to seeing you all ingame! ;)

Launch client pre-load now available plus extended early access!

Those of you who have pre-ordered a copy of The Old Republic will be pleased to hear that the earlier reported "up to 5 days" early access, depending on how soon you redeemed your key, has now been increased to 7 days and will start on December 13th at 12pm GMT (7am EST). Less than a week away. - If you have pre-ordered a copy of the game sit tight and you will receive an email on the day that your access begins.

If you were one of the people who participated in the beta testing weekend between November 25th & 28th and still have the client installed you will be able to use this for launch and there is no need to redownload. Just let it patch as you would normally and you're ready to go.

If you did not take part in that particular weekend or you have an older build of the client installed you are now able to pre-load the launch client ready for playing. If you come under the latter then fully uninstall first. Then simply log in to your account and navigate from "My Account > Pre-Order > Download Game Client" to begin your download process.

So, get your downloads going if you still need to!

Also be sure to check back on Monday (Dec 12th) to find out what server our guild has been deployed on!

Beta weekend pics

Several of us here have enjoyed a wonderful weekend in the Old Republic this week. I'm happy to say that the vast majority of us seem to have come out of it with a very positive impression of the game in general and in some cases has completely rekindled their interest in the game.

Now that players are allowed to talk about their experiences and share screenshots & videos too we have a nice new selection of beta screenshots in our gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Feel free to check them out and expect to see many, many more next month when the game launches!

Archived Group Content Restored

We're very pleased to announce that the second step in our efforts to make SSX history more available is now completed and ready to be let loose publically - namely the restoration of archived group content.

For a long time when SSX groups have closed their doors, we've had a policy of hiding away their assets and effectively removing them from public view. Whilst this is a good way of keeping our main site always up to date, it does leave a lot of good content - our history - hidden away unnecessarily.

Over the past month the administration team have been working their way through all of this hidden archived content, and have faithfully restored it in order to make it ready for public re-release. The code behind each group website has been completely rewritten, in order to bring it into line with web standards and eliminate the cross browser issues which have become more prominent since they were first written in years gone by.

Both the design and content of each website has been faithfully restored, and where necessary external links have been brought up to date to ensure that the websites reflect the functionality they offered when first released. All websites also now feature our updated News and Screenshot systems - bringing them into line with the developmental advances made across the rest of the website.

This restoration process now being complete, we're happy to make these websites available once more. They are all accessible through a new "Archived Groups" menu to the left of this news post. Due to the size of this new menu, we have also moved the "Screenshot of the Day" section to the right hand column of the site.

We hope you enjoy browsing these old websites! Any feedback you may have can be left in this forum thread.

Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3 of The Old Republic's Pre-Launch Guild Program has now begun.

This third and final stage will shortly see guilds that have at least 4 members who have pre-ordered a copy of the game and redeemed their codes imported into the game itself.

I can happily say that the SSX has met this requirement and we are now ready for deployment. All we can do now is wrap up any pre-launch discussions we want to have before launch and patiently wait for our early access to begin which is just a matter of weeks now.

Thanks go to those of you who have redeemed your keys already. We're almost there!

Battlefield 3 Servers

As you may be aware the SSX now have their own 16/16 conquest flight school server for BF3.

As the single player campaign doesn't allow players to physically fly the jets like the multiplayer does the only way people can learn how to fly them are on full public servers or empty ones which will start with only a couple of players, however these can be hard to find. The former of which isn't going to do your team much good either when you're plummeting to the ground all the time and wasting jets when one of your team mates could be up there dogfighting or whatever.

So for us to get to grips with the handling of the jets (& the heli's) we'll have our own private server specifically set up for practice like this and then in some weeks time those of us who want to can then go fly properly on the big ranked servers with their new skills.

If you search for "SSX" on battlelog and you'll find it - See this thread for more details.

As well as our flight school Avapops has also set up a 32/32 server. This one is a hardcore rush/conquest server. It is not under the SSX banner but you can find it on battlelog by searching for "Rage Some More". If you're someone who prefers the hardcore scene then you are more than welcome to play on there!

SSX News Archive Now Available

I'm pleased to announce that the SSX News Archive is now publically available, accessible through a link in column to your right or alternatively by clicking here.

The archive allows anyone who is interested to leaf back through our older news items, which span all the way back to our creation in 2004. These have all been faithfully ported from our old news system, with only now-defunct links being modified in any way (up to date versions of the original links have been found where possible in such instances).

Whilst we have always stored all news items since our very first, they have never been made publically available prior to today - so we are happy to be offering everyone the chance to read this content for the first time since each item was originally posted, with over 211 items being available in total at the present time - which will obviously grow as time passes and new items are written.

Making our history more publically available is something that we are very keen to do moving forward, and this is only the first of several projects in the works to that end. Look out for more to come on this front in the near future!

SSX Battlefield 3 Platoon Created

The official SSX Platoon has gone up in Battlefield 3's Battlelog system!

I know that a number of us have been waiting a long time for this game, and we even had a couple people in the alpha test. Now that the game has finally gone gold, I'm sure that we'll have some great times working together as a squad!

If you would like to use voice chat, Avapops has a server available for us to use. Please contact him for the details.

See you at the insertion point!

Collector's Edition Unboxing Video & press beta impressions

Since many of us here have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of The Old Republic I am sure some of you will be excited to hear that this weeks friday update from BioWare is an unboxing video displaying the many sexy contents of the CE.

To watch the video click here.

Also this week a number of the gaming press were let loose ingame and got hands-on with the Republic side of the game. They were able to play up to approximately level 15 when players receive their starship so over the next few days expect to see many beta impression articles & info popping up around the net.

Darth Hater have a handy coverage list of these articles on their site here.

New Killboard for SSX-EvE now available

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a new killboard system for the SSX-EvE Online group. Having paid for their own externally hosted killboard up until today, we are glad to finally be able to bring the system in-house thanks to our recent change of server.

The killboard can be found here, and we invite all members to keep track of the ongoing success of the group by visiting.

We hope that the group enjoys using their new killboard, and that it will be of great use to them going forward.

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