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SSX Arbiter Elections

Today is the last day for voting in our yearly elections for the role of Arbiter. The Arbiter is the person who resolves any disputes within the SSX, and is the first in line when a decision needs making.

This is, in a sense, the nearest thing to a leader the SSX have, so this is a VERY important vote and is open to all SSX members.

This year four people are in the frame for the vote, having recieved nominations from members; Anubis, Inquisitor, Killjoy and Messiah.

If you don't know these people, each of them has written a post about why you should and should not vote for them to help aid you in choosing who to vote for.

This can be found here, and the vote itself can be found here.

We hope to see a good turnout, please use your vote wisely.

Lore Storyline Events Continue

This Saturday (22nd September) the ongoing storyline that is currently underway in Lore is set to continue with the fourth event in a series. The Federated States will be attempting to follow up on their recent successes by attacking a second Eastern Confederation Supply Convoy, which is again attempting to re-supply their occupied bases in the region.

Further storyline information can be found on the Official Lore Newsfeed.

All pilots are welcome to attend and take part. If you wish to join in, be in the Lore lobby at 16:45 (New York) / 21:45 (London) on Saturday. We hope to see you there.

Neocron Evolution 2.2 - Free gametime for all inactive accounts

Yesterday saw the release of Evolution 2.2, the latest update to Neocron. With the release of 2.2 everyone that has an inactive Neocron 2 game account has kindly been given 30 days of free playtime on their accounts (providing you weren't banned).

If you're interested in checking it out, you can download the new client from the official NC2 site.

More info on 2.2 and the changes can be found here. ;)

SSX guild on Outland up & running again

The Shattered Star eXiles guild on Outland is now up and running again.

The aim for this guild is to be a guild of players who are initially low to middle level, who may be new or returning for the expansion. Who wish to have fun whilst leveling/grinding and who could help each other out in the process.

Anyone wishing to join should contact Ash either by PM or ingame (a list of his characters can be found in his forum sig)

Forum Software Updated

We are currently in the process of updating our forum software (phpBB) to a more recent version. Whilst the update is in progress the forum will be inaccessible for a time, so if you cannot reach the forum index at any point there is no need to worry, simply check back later by which time the update will hopefully be completed.

If you experience any issues with the forum once the update is completed please feel free to drop into IRC and let one of us know, and we'll do our best to sort things out.

Forum IP bans

If you are from Europe and get a message on the forums saying you are banned, do not worry, you are probably just a casualty of the recent spambot cleanup.

Just pop on to IRC and let Inquisitor know, he can fix it. ;)

[ / #ssx]

(If you have never used IRC before you can find a guide on how to connect to our server via the mIRC client, here. You can also connect direct to our IRC channel via your web browser by going here.)

Server Move and URL Alterations

We are pleased to announce that our server move has now been completed, meaning that the website is now safely upon faster servers. However this move has resulted in an altered directory structure for the website. Simply put, any URL that contains the /ssx/ directory within it will no longer work.

Our homepage can now be accessed through, and our forums through - so please all update your bookmarks.

We are currently in the process of updating the content of our main/group websites to reflect this change. Please bear with us whilst we complete this process.

WoW patch 1.12 - The Drums of War released

World of Warcraft Patch 1.12 has now arrived. Here are a few of the main highlights;

-Cross-Server Battlegrounds: For the first time in the history of World of Warcraft, you will be able to face off against players from other realms in the Battlegrounds. PvP Battlegrounds link Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch, and Arathi Basin so that players from several realms will be combined into one huge matchmaking pool.

-World PvP: The stage is set for intense, objective-based land battles as Horde and Alliance vie for control over important strategic positions and resources around Azeroth. Head out for Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands to engage the enemy on the field.

For a complete list of patch notes click here.

For a list of patch mirrors click here.

Final Fantasy XI July Version Update Has Arrived

During a long period of maintainance today the July version update for Final Fantasy XI finally arrived.

The update adds a new region, new Notorious Monster Battlefields, new Job Traits and Abilities, and more, along with many tweaks and improvements. It can be downloaded now through the PlayOnline Viewer.

It should be noted that the update did not contain the popular Chocobo Raising ability nor the new Aht Urghan missions promised due to extended testing requirements, these will follow seperately in several weeks. Specific dates can be found in the patch notes linked below.

Full patch notes for the update can be found here.

Final Fantasy XI Group Weekly Fishing Event

After a very fun and successful few hours fishing last Saturday the FFXI group have decided to startup a weekly fishing event for the group.

All group members are welcome to come along be it for relaxation, profit, or skill-ups, and naturally the chance to socialise with other members of the group.

If you want to participate in the event just bring your character along to Windurst Woods between 1 and 2PM GMT with your fishing gear and plenty of bait.

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