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Priority Mission from General Darkstarr (End of Beta Event)

A priority one mission has been issued to all AFS soldiers by General Darkstarr. Bane activity has increased, General British is missing and, we fear, he may be working for them. It will be brutal, and many of you will die, but this is what you trained for Troops. Be sure to have lots of ammo and trauma kits on hand.

We deploy this evening at 19:00 hours BST (EU) / 22:00 hours CST (US).

Operation 0: Fair Trade

It's Feedback Friday and today General British talks about the upcoming content package "Operation 0: Fair Trade". This will be the first "Operations" update that should be ready around the launch of the game. Future Operation updates are planned to be released every few months as well as patches between them which will implement other changes, content and fixes.

Operation 0: Fair Trade will introduce a new feature to the game, Military Surplus. These Military Surplus outposts will allow players to buy and sell items in a fully-browsable store which should eventually support auctioning as well as consignment based buying and selling.

Elder Game plans revealed

Tabula Rasa Lead Developer Paul Sage has today announced some very exciting news on what the developers have planned for the games endgame content.

The features mentioned in the sneak peek include; Personal Armour Units (Available at level 40, think AFS Mechs), Command Opportunity (Command, teach & outfit your own squad of NPCs), Flashpoints (Require multiple squads to conquer) and finally Clan Warfare (Selectable clan buffs, clan controllable control points with bonuses, Capture the flag & hold the location type zones. - These are just a few of the features they are working on!

Tabula Rasa release delayed until 02/11/07

It has been announced today that the release of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa has been delayed until the 2nd of November 2007. This is to give the game developers more time to address several issues including stability & balancing as well as giving players more time to continue testing the upcoming content and the continent of Ligo (level 38+). Due to this delay, the Pre-Order head start date is now planned for the 30th of October.

TR server segregation cancelled!

CuppaJo has recently announced on the Official beta forums that their plans for segregating the EU & US communities have now been cancelled. This is fantastic news for the SSX with us having members from all over the world, giving us the opportunity for all of us to play on the same server together if that's what we decide!

"As many of you know, we had planned to segregate the US and EU communities in the near future and going forward for launch. However, after having a worldwide beta that allowed players to play on either server with their friends and guildmates on both sides of the pond, we have decided NOT to segregate players but instead to allow you to login and pick where you want to play - US or EU.

We will still have servers located in both the US and the EU (US servers are West and East Coast - EU servers are in Germany) and events will be run like they have been in beta - US servers have events during US primetime and EU servers will have events in EU primetime.

We have a few support issues to work out - such as /bug working no matter what server you are but we feel this is the right decision for our player community."

Tabula Rasa group website now online

I am pleased to announce the launch of our latest group website, for Tabula Rasa!

The site is intended to be used for displaying general Tabula Rasa news as well as any group news that we may have to share, a gallery to show off our screenshots and a page explaining who we are, what we’re about and how to go about joining us.

The site is also intended to be small, so whether we have one or two (EU/US) groups in TR when the game is released, the site should operate just as good for two groups as it would for one, making it a perfect place to introduce our new recruits to. That said, if we need to add an extra page for something in the future that shouldn't be a problem.

I must say I'm very pleased with the site so I can only hope everyone else is too, if you encounter any problems just give me a shout and I'll see what I can do.

Finally I'd just like to say a huge thanks to Anny who has helped me solve several problems that I came across throughout the building process which has been a big help!

-If you would like to comment on the site please do so here.

Server Issues Resolved

The server issues which have been ongoing since the accident which occurred almost two weeks ago have now been resolved, and as a result of this we have been able to restore the Main Website to full functionality once more.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to restore those news items which were submitted after the backup was taken. The two most recent newsposts prior to the accident have been replaced, however we will be unable to do the same with others. We apologise for this, but there is little else we can do.

Please let us know if you run into any issues with the website as you use it. Whilst we have restored as much as possible to the state it was in prior to the accident it may well be that we overlook something. If any issues are reported they will be resolved as swiftly as we are able.

We thank you for your patience with us over the last two weeks we have been operating under limited functionality. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

SSX Arbiter Elections

Today is the last day for voting in our yearly elections for the role of Arbiter. The Arbiter is the person who resolves any disputes within the SSX, and is the first in line when a decision needs making.

This is, in a sense, the nearest thing to a leader the SSX have, so this is a VERY important vote and is open to all SSX members.

This year four people are in the frame for the vote, having recieved nominations from members; Anubis, Inquisitor, Killjoy and Messiah.

If you don't know these people, each of them has written a post about why you should and should not vote for them to help aid you in choosing who to vote for.

This can be found here, and the vote itself can be found here.

We hope to see a good turnout, please use your vote wisely.

Lore Storyline Events Continue

This Saturday (22nd September) the ongoing storyline that is currently underway in Lore is set to continue with the fourth event in a series. The Federated States will be attempting to follow up on their recent successes by attacking a second Eastern Confederation Supply Convoy, which is again attempting to re-supply their occupied bases in the region.

Further storyline information can be found on the Official Lore Newsfeed.

All pilots are welcome to attend and take part. If you wish to join in, be in the Lore lobby at 16:45 (New York) / 21:45 (London) on Saturday. We hope to see you there.

Neocron Evolution 2.2 - Free gametime for all inactive accounts

Yesterday saw the release of Evolution 2.2, the latest update to Neocron. With the release of 2.2 everyone that has an inactive Neocron 2 game account has kindly been given 30 days of free playtime on their accounts (providing you weren't banned).

If you're interested in checking it out, you can download the new client from the official NC2 site.

More info on 2.2 and the changes can be found here. ;)

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