Offline Exploits - Part 1

Written by BlueFlames

I'm three weeks into classes, so what's it time to start doing on the weekends again? Staying up until 3:00am playing D&D... Duh. I'm on the player side this time in a campaign in a custom realm (when a county is named Bumblefuck, it has to be good funny). The party is pretty small, with only three PCs, though the DM tossed a couple of NPC helpers in for the moment.

I can't really give a regular perspective on the campaign itself... See, the other two characters are basically doing the whole 'stave-off-an-evil-that-threatens-the-land-in-order-to-become-heros' stint. I am a neutral-evil Ranger/Rogue (1x/2x level distribution), so you can see where we differ. Of course, they think, and my character sheet reflects me being a true neutral character with an affinity towards adventuring and Pelor-worship. Really, I do my best to stay on Nerull's good merciful side, while getting paid to infiltrate adventuring parties and spy on high-ranking politicians.

Besides swimming in skill points from my first couple of levels, I've already infiltrated the PCs' party. Well... It wasn't so much 'infiltrated' as 'got the most overzealous person in town drunk and asked him to form an adventuring party.' I didn't even have to twist his arm about it. I was looking forward to arm-twisting too... Later, Blue.... Later....

So far, the sum-total of our questing has consisted of beating the snot out of Kobolds and Goblins that seem to be encroaching on one of the settlements in Bumblefuck county. It's gotten the entire party up to level two, with some breathing room for some of us evil-types who had an extra side-quest. I'm certainly scoring trust points by helping out in combat, which should hopefully make those inevitable bluff checks a bit easier...

...and I've jumped way, way ahead of myself. It's 3:00am; that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. So far, I've got player and character alike believing the cover story, which greatly pleases me. I also have the DM's favor, which never hurts.

Right... 3:00am... Less typie, more sleepie.


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