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SSX & GoE Down Onyxia!!

Yesterday evening the Exiles of Shattered Star & Grace of Elune, Bladefist/WoW:EU successfully downed Onyxia for the first time!

For anyone that doesn't play WoW, Onyxia is a one of the main endgame bosses in WoW, a huge dragon that takes a raid of 40 people to kill her, also owner of probably one of the most powerful attacks currently ingame - deep breath. Thankfully we didn't meet that lil attack yesterday ;p

We have already downed 9 of 10 bosses in the Molten Core, now we have downed Onyxia as well. This only leaves us with Ragnaros before we can finally move on to Blackwing Lair!

Grats to everyone that took part. ;D

***Click for group photo!!***

World of Warcraft Patch 1.8

Highlights of patch 1.8:

Silithus : Totally revamped zone for level 60 solo players and 5-man parties.

Four Dragons : The four corrupted dragons from the Emerald Dream.

Hallow's End : Halloween theme event

Druid Talent update

& lots lots more!

You can view the entire patch notes here.

SSX-NC Recruitment underway

Recruitment in Neocron2 has now begun, please contact SSX-Biggie for further details or you can contact Notorious MIG ingame.

-SSX / Fallen Angels / Terra-

Molten Core - Thu 6th Oct (WoW:EU)

We shall be having a few more attempts at Majordomo on Thu 6th Oct, before MC resets for us.

Invites will start at 7pm GMT as usual.

Emerald Dream - Four Dragons Preview

There is a disturbance at the Great Trees. A new threat menaces these secluded areas found in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Feralas, and Hinterlands. Four great guardians of the Green Dragonflight have arrived from the Dream, but these once-proud protectors now seek only destruction and death. Take arms with your fellows and march to these hidden groves -- only you can defend Azeroth from the corruption they bring.

To learn more about the menacing invasion from the Emerald Dream, check out our new four dragons preview.

Silithus Revamp - WoW

Since the beginning of recorded history, Azeroth has seen the most terrible conflicts imaginable. The War of the Ancients and the Sundering of the World. The coming of the Tides of Darkness. The return of the Burning Legion, the Scourge of Lordaeron and the rise of the Lich King. Yet all this time, deep beneath the shifting sands of Silithus, an unspeakable horror has been lying in wait, ever patient, and ever enduring...

To learn more about the changes coming to Silithus, take a moment to read the new Silithus map.

Version 3.6.7 of Freespace Open Now Available!

After many months of hard work the Freespace 2 Source Code Project team have released a new version of Freespace Open. The details of this new release can be found in the 3.6.7 Readme File.

Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

For those of you running Linux and those of you with a Pentium 4/Athlon XP/64 there are builds targetted specifically at you. To find these builds and also to discuss the release in general please visit the official release thread at HLP.

Instance Grinding Week (WoW:EU)

The plan is to grind several instances for a week.

The instances we will run will be Stratholme, Scholomance, BRD, LBRS and UBRS.

Runs will begin at 8pm (Game Time)

-Please contact Nightstone and/or see our forums for more details!

FFXI Website updates

We've updated the FFXI website with a number cosmetic things, as well as a redirect to it's own URL.

While it is still hosted on the SSX servers, and we consider them part of the family anyway, the new forum URL is external.

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