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PayByCash - Just around the corner!

Quoted from Nidhogg (13 Dec):

"We're HOPING to get PBC for new customers up and running this week, with account upgrades coming soon(TM) after. I'll say "this is me putting my COTB to give you some information that may change so please don't kill me if Friday comes and PBC still isn't ready", but I know you'll still kill me anyway. Seriously, you have to accept that you can't have it both ways - we either give you information in advance with the risk that it might not go as planned, or we keep our mouths shut. I'm of the opinion that it's better to share. We really are trying for this week, I can't say fairer than that."

Hacknet week - new hacknet player/weapon models

KK have just released 2 rendered screenshots of 2 new hacknet models.

First one is the new models for firstperson weapons inside of hacknet, the second one is a screenshot of what the new character models will look like inside hacknet.

The player models will differ accordingly to your gender and your factionloyalty (female/male - DOY/NC/neutral)

For more information and to view the screenshots, please visit the official themeweek forum here:

Transferring Neocron 1 Accounts

There have been rumors that Neocron 1 accounts can only be transferred until the end of the year. This is not correct, Neocron 1 accounts will remain transferrable for a long time.

Next TechHaven Auction Tomorrow

On Thursday the 9th of December, TechHaven will host another of its big auctions. The auction will take place in TechHaven sector3 - starting at 7pm GMT.

If you have anything you wish to sell in the auction yourself, please send an ingame mail to "TechHaven Guide - William Haska"

See ya there!

Patch 122 Notes

Please note that the content patch is coming next week, this patch consists mainly of bugfixes.

- Added check to fix large negative XP values (XP is reset to current skill level, This should effect only those who had a negative amount of xp.)

- Fixed broken apartment keys (apartment code was not changable)

- Enabled ZONE, HELP and OOC custom channels on freshly installed clients

- Improved serverside checks to prevent a hacking game exploit.

- Fixed a few serverside memory leaks.

- Fixed a few serverside issues.

- Removed temporary drone vendors.

- Drone HUD in DX 7 bug fix.

- Updated scripts for the NEXT epic run.

- Updated scripts for the wastelands missions. (Juggernaut, Herbalis, ect.)

- Known issue from last patch: The fix for the implant drop is not working correctly yet, so it is still disabled.

eXiles - Richest Clan on Terra!

The Shattered Star eXiles are currently the richest clan on the Terra Server in Neocron!

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