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Accounts Banned

Quote Odin:

"In the past couple months a hack has been passed around the neocron community. We do not tolerate such abuse of the game and as a result 45 accounts have been logged using such and have been permanently banned. We will continue to monitor such behaviour and take appropriate action. We are also monitoring other attempts made at a couple other systems mostly by packet manipulation. We are in discussion as to what to do with those caught in the future attempting such. This post will be the only warning given."

Terra announcement

"Upon closer investigation we've ascertained that the problems with the Terra server occurred during the period of downtime and are not ongoing. This means that a database rollback will not be required. We are currently investigating whether the character model issues can be fixed in a single operation, but if not our GM team now have the tools to fix them on an individual basis.

If we cannot resolve the character problems automatically we will ask you to report any corrupt character(s) you may have to the helpdesk so we can schedule a GM to visit you for reconstructive surgery. More details will be given as and when we complete the investigation."

PayByCash Update

Nid has posted an announcement today in regards to the PayByCash system:

"Our intention is to complete the PayByCash integration by middle of this month. While we are not able to give you an exact date, we can assure you that it remains a high priority for us and are making every effort to bring this crucial second payment option on-line as soon as possible."

Freespace 2 Open v3.6.5 Release

The latest Freespace 2 Open build, v3.6.5, has now been released. You can all grab the build installer from here: Freespace 2 Open v3.6.5 Installer

Amongst the latest features completed by the build is a brand new pilot code that should eliminate the techroom bugs, the ability to make custom wing names, IBX caching for models, and OGG support.

For those of you who wish to upgrade manually without using the installer, all files that you need can be found over at HLP.

NC2 Christmas quiz now over

The NC2 Christmas quiz has now ended!

The winners and the correct answers will be announced in the next few days.

Merry Christmas to All!

Well, it's Christmas Eve and Christmas is finally upon us. There isn't really much to say other than have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all of you.

Patch Notes #123 & #124


- Heavy-Combateye 3 is now obtainable ingame

- Willpower LoM pill now looks like other INT based LoM's

- Fixed Drone-Combateye 2's TL to proper 41, Was TL14


- Removed All new Shotgun Rares from Smugglers & changed current ones to Milky Rens

- Fixed A&W 'Burning Air' Plasma Wave Shot sound from Gatlin to Plasma Wave

- Slightly Reduced Healing Light Damage

- Slightly Reduced Juggernaut Crossbow Pistol Damage

- Turned all CopBot Rifles into Broken Implants

- Test Vendor Drones are now Milky Rens

- added Weapon sounds for the new weapon-group (still not researchable, but patched)


- Herbal Mission Plants no longer moveable.

- Intrusion Countermeasure Daemon v1.1.1's Range, & Damage has been halved

- Intrusion Countermeasure Daemon v2.2.2's Range has been halved


- Black Dragon, Tsunami & Pheonix HackNet Databases fixed


- Added new Hacknet-dungeons all over Neocron and DOY

- Added a Hacknet-Dungeon to Area MC5

- Added Citycom to Faction DNS

- Added data-fragments

- Added some Sounds

- Added new HackNet player models

- Added some new actors

- Accessquest added which gives access to the new secret databases that are containing some of the new rare parts. The starter NPC is Frank Ferguson and can be found outside the Hacknet.

- Added Hack boosters 1/2/3 (they work like PSI boosters)


- Added more guards in the ProtoPharm HQ near the Gene Replicator


- TerminalInfoPolitics: Faction-Election reactivated, next election should be 2779-02-01 (NMT)

Code fixes:

- disabled display of attached weapons in HackNet

- reduced HackNet viewport hovering effect to 25%

- reduced HackNet move speed for players to 60%

- doubled HackNet player movement friction

- fixed some HackNet enemy/weapon sounds

- D3D9Drv: improved character/NPC animations on hardware with limited shader support (e.g. Geforce 3 / VS 1.1). This invalidates the geometry cache, forcing new precaching pass after the patch.

- D3D9Drv: fixed possible crash bug in mesh loader

Dawn of War Patch 1.2

After the problems brought about by Patch 1.1, for example the problem that certain people could not join any online games, I'm sure that many of you will be glad to hear that THQ has recently released Dawn of War Patch 1.2.

Those of you with 56k's you can grab the patch here.

Included in the patch are two new multiplayer maps and the usual fixes. Hopefully the issue brought about by the 1.1 patch regarding the joining of multiplayer games has been fixed, but that is unconfirmed. For those of you wishing to see the release notes, they can be found here

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