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Cyber Nations - CN Group Celebrates One Year!

Today, the Cyber Nations group is celebrating the one year anniversary of it's official Declaration of Existence was issued to the world! Since that time, the group has fought in two global wars, forged several valuable friendships, and has accumulated well over a quarter million total Nation Strength. Stop by the CN Group Forum today, and be a part of an exciting second year!

Cyber Nations - New Era in Foreign Affairs

It has been a busy last few weeks from the SSX alliance in Cyber Nations. We won a decisive victory on our front of the largest war in history, and then reached the statistical benchmarks of 250,000 total Nation Strength, and 1.00 Alliance Score.

In even bigger news, the SSX is now a truly independent player in world affairs. I am pleased to announce the upgrade of our protectorate agreement with our good friends at Nueva Vida to a Mutual Defense and Optional Agression Pact. The same week, we also upgraded our existing treaty with the 57th Overlanders to an MDoAP. These new developments are the first large step toward SSX playing a larger role on the world stage.

The CN group is now looking forward to further growth and success in peacetime. We are currently working on organizing a better technology program in cooperation with friendly alliances, and following that, are set to begin formal efforts to draw recruits from within the existing CN community.

Website Redesign Launched

As all of you can see, the redesign of our Website that has been in the pipeline for several months has finally launched!

The main aim of the redeisgn, aside from giving the place a spring clean and make it more friendly to those of us using higher screen resolutions, is to try and breed consistancy between the Main Site and the forums - make our website feel like one united website running with a consistant style, rather than two individual ones.

You'll notice a few changes aside from the style, most prominent being the addition of a Media section and the consolidation of the 'About', 'Theorem' and 'Why' pages into one entity. All in all a lot has been tweaked and, in a few cases, patched up.

You may or may not also notice that the website is now fully compatible with the XHTML Transitional standards, meaning our website both adheres to web-coding guidelines and conventions where previously various validation errors ensured that this was not the case. This is something we will strive to maintain in all of our future web-work in order to make ourselves as accessible as possible to visitors.

We hope that everyone like and will enjoy the new look. Thoughts and comments are, as always, welcome - and can be left in this forum thread where more information about the redesign is also available.

Cyber Nations - 100,000 Nation Strength Milestone Reached!

The SSX alliance in Cyber Nations is celebrating the passing of it's first major statistical achievement! While all of us started fresh nations, we have worked our way up to having a combined total of 100,000 Nation Strength!

In the CN world, benchmarks like these are usually considered to be a testament to an alliance's longevity, stability, and all around success. You can read our official announcement on the CN forums here.

I invite everyone to stop by the CN Group Forum and become part of the SSX's fastest growing group today!

New Look SSX Forums

For the past few weeks myself and Anubis have secretly been (well mostly :p) working on a new skin for the SSX forums.

The basic idea behind this was for us to have a theme that had been specifically designed for the SSX and that was completely unique to us. After much work and with the help & advice from BD, we feel we have accomplished this and so today we have launched it!

Please go here for more info and to leave your feedback. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Arbiter Elections 2008

Today is the second day for voting in our yearly elections for the role of Arbiter. The Arbiter is the person who resolves any disputes within the SSX, and is the first in line when a decision needs making.

This is, in a sense, the nearest thing to a leader the SSX have, so this is a VERY important vote and is open to all SSX members.

This year five people are on the ballot, having recieved nominations from members, they are: Anubis, Padishar, SSX-MS, Stracius, and Inquisitor.

If you don't know these people, each of them has written a post about themselves and their candidacy, that will hopefully help you make a more informed decision.

This can be found here, and the vote itself can be found here.

We hope to see a good turnout, please use your vote wisely. The vote will run until the 21st September.

=US-Doomsayer= Tier 3 Keep Has been built

All of our hard work has finally accumulated in one of our biggest accomplishments to date. Congratulations on a job well done in getting the Tier 3 Keep built this weekend!

This means as soon as we get the people up to 80 and ready we're ready to start working on a Battlekeep for sieges!

Screenshots are available in the AoC forums for those that would like to see them.

Cyber Nations - SSX Surrenders

We have surrendered to our enemies. Peace has been inked with all of our attackers. The surrender terms are listed here.

If you have not already, please offer peace to your enemies with reason "Peace signed with your leaders." We will not officially have peace until all 5 of our original Valhalla targets have peace as well.

A job well-done, guys. Next time we have to fight, we will be much better prepared to do so.

Cyber Nations - DEFCON 1 Alert: We're at War!

Our allies have been attacked, and they need our help! We have entered the war on their behalf by attacking the Valhalla alliance!

Please report to the War Room for critical information on the war, who to attack, and how.

You need to be on the SSX member list to see the War Room. If you are on the CN group roster and cannot see the War Room, please contact Anubis as soon as possible.

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