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Molten Core - 8th Sep (WoW:EU)

Molten Core - Thursday 8th Sep, invites at 7pm GMT.

#4 Garr, #5 Baron Geddon & #6 Shazzrah attempts.

Molten Core Boss #3 - Gehennas (WoW:EU)

Tomorrow (5th Sep) we shall be attempting the third boss in the Molten Core, Gehennas. Invites will start at 7pm GMT as usual. - Please make sure you have CTRaidAssist installed and updated if you don't already.

See you there. ;)

Happy Birthday Exiles!

It has been one year today since we split from the Confederation and became Exiles of the Shattered Star.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Molten Core 1st/2nd Sep (WoW:EU)

Okay we gonna give MC another bash on Thursday & Friday night (1st and 2nd of September). Invites will start at 7pm GMT / run will start at 7:30pm (8pm/8:30pm server time)

Please install and update your CTRaidAssist to the latest version

Welcome 7th Legion

We'll be providing some web space to the FFXI group, 7thLegion!

Stay tuned!

Molten Core - Boss #1 - Lucifron Dead! (WoW:EU)

Congrats to all!

This evening the SSX, GoE & Union slayed the first boss in the Molten Core - Lucifron on our very first guild run! We also attempted the second boss - Magmadar, we did end up wiping however we got him to around 33% health which wasn't too bad for our first run.

2 drops tonight were the Gauntlets of Might and the Lawbringer Boots which went to Armed and Lightforge.

Many many thanks to everyone that came along, especially to QD, Feitan & Mip who did an excellent job of guiding us through!

World of Warcraft Patch 1.7 Sneak preview

A very nice patch is on its way!

Some highlights from this patch are:

Zul'Gurub - New 20man raid instance found in Stranglethorn Vale, with 120 new rare and epic items!

Arathi Basin - New Battleground in the Arathi Highlands, 15vs15

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza - New fishing event along the coast of Stranglethorn vale.

Dressing rooms - A new feature added so you can view a preview of any piece of armor to see what it would look like on you!

Tons more new stuff and changes as well.

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