Website Updates

A few changes have been made and are being worked on for this site right now:

- Screenshot page [Finished] - The site is now using KJ's screenshot program. This displays lots of NC2 screenies as well as screenies from our other SSX groups. *Group Moderators/Admins are able to upload new screenshots to the page following the guidelines found in our basement forum.

- Sigs / Avatars page [Finished] - Signatures made to advertise exiles can now be found on the site. Please feel free to use them. *If you would like to design a signature or avatar to be placed on the website, please follow the guidelines found in our basement forum.

- New manageable KOS list [In Development] - Once finished, the new KOS list will be manageable by current group moderators & admins rather than just myself.

If you're a member of exiles, please keep an eye on the basement forum for further updates.

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