The Moogle Treasure Trove (30th Sep until 5.1)

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The Moogle Treasure Trove (30th Sep until 5.1)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:38 am

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I linked this on Discord a few days ago but there's an event starting on Monday called the The Moogle Treasure Trove which introduces a temporary new set of tomestones (Irregular tomestones of mythology) to collect. These will apparently drop from certain dungeons/raids/PvP which you can then redeem for a number of cool items. 2 of these just so happen to be HW bird mounts; the Round Lanner & Sophic Lanner. I'll be making these 2 a priority during the event so with any luck I should be able to cross The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign & Containment Bay P1T6 Extreme off my list in the Unsynched thread - we could still try them ofc but if we've already got the mounts from this event we'd no longer need to ;)

Worth pointing out too (as I know Anny for one is missing them) is that you can get all of the ARR riding maps from this. Currently, the only way to buy these is with allied seals which you get from killing ARR A & S ranks - I managed to get mine within a week or two but it's quite time consuming. This should make it much easier for those of you who don't tend to hunt. I didn't learn about them myself until crazy late into the game but they really do make a huge difference, and since flying isn't an option for ARR zones (where mount speed upgrades make no difference) these will always be useful to have.

Lots of other mounts on the list, Triple Triad cards, MGP tokens, minions, Orchestrion Rolls etc. Something for everyone :)

The event runs up until 5.1 (slated for late October I believe) :thumb:
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