Arbiter Elections 2012

Nominations and voting for this years Arbiter elections are now underway.

Like previous elections we have started by opening up the nominations process for members to vote for up to 2 other members they would like to elect as the new Arbiter of the SSX. Once a member has received 2 nominations their name will be added to the ballot (unless they wish to withdraw) and no further nominations for that person are needed or counted.

Once the nominations process has ended each of the candidates will have the opportunity to make a post on why you should or shouldn't vote for them and a poll will go live for members of the community to finally vote for 1 candidate of their choosing. The person with the most votes will then takeover (or remain) as our Arbiter until September 2013 when we'll begin this process once again.

You can find this years nominations thread here. Thanks for participating!

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