DoTs, Elements, Spell Priorities

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DoTs, Elements, Spell Priorities

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 12:11 am

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I came across this gem on the Allakhazam forums when reading up on a spell. I thought it pretty invaluable (provided its accuracy), and figured I'd put it here for everyone else. Authored by a fellow named Generalzod.
According to the Spring 2004 Strategy Guide, the Prime Element table on page 30, shows the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" effect of the elements in Final Fantasy.

I think this chart clears up the whole "Damage Over Time" (DoT) spell controversy.
Also my experience in watching the Battle Spam in parties seems to show the same flow of elements.

These Spells are as follows;
DIA (DEF down effect)
BIO (ATK down effect)
BURN (INT down effect)
FROST (AGI down effect)
CHOKE (VIT down effect)
RASP (DEX down effect)
SHOCK (MND down effect)
DROWN (STR down eefect)

Charts reads as follows;

Light Cancels Dark
Dark Cancels Light

Fire Cancels Ice
Ice Cancels Wind
Wind Cancels Earth
Earth Cancels Thunder
Thunder Cancels Water
Water Cancels Fire

so if we replace the Element in the chart with a DoT spell;

DIA Cancels BIO
BIO Cancels DIA


According to the chart the only 2 spells that can cancel each other are DIA (Light) & BIO (Dark) (although some believe Dia & Bio are based on which ever spell is the higher level stronger one cancels the other & there is validity to that claim)
All others follow the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Rule (Frost Cannot cancel Burn, Choke Cannot cancel Frost, etc.)

So I hope this helps clear up some things. Please don't rebutt this post with more hearsay & unconfirmed theories. I got this all out of the game rules, if you think its wrong or not entirely correct, test it for yourself. All I know is that when a fellow BLM casts BURN, my FROST "Has no effect" which according to chart, follows the game's logic.
Burn/Frost/Choke/Rasp/Shock/Drown are elemental skill-based spells. Bio is a dark skill-based spell, Dia is a light skill-based spell, and (though not mentioned) poison is a water element, enfeebling skill-based spell. Poison supposedly stacks with everything.

My question would be, can you stack DoTs from the elemental skill-based spells? i.e. Burn & Choke & Shock, or Frost & Rasp & Drown?

There's also some debate about whether level of the spell is taken into account when two conflicting spells are cast. It would make sense to me, and perhaps it's already been answered in the netherworld of the forums. I've yet to find it though :p

There's another quick post in the same forum that addresses both concerns, but again I don't know about it's validity. From a fellow named Seedling:
You can have one of each slot on a mob:
Dia(ga) < Bio < Dia II < Bio II
Poison(ga) < Poison(ga) II
Burn - Choke - Shock (INT - VIT - MND)
Frost - Rasp - Drown (AGI - DEX - STR)
Burn - Rasp (INT - DEX)
Frost - Shock (AGI - MND)
Choke - Drown (VIT - STR)
Foe Requiem < II < III < IV < V < VI
If that's true then my first question seems to be yes with various combinations. I've yet to see anything about it being tested though. Anyone with any experience in the area? The logic appears sound, anyway.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 1:04 am

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Here are all the possible combinations for the elemental DoT enfeebs:

(Only 2 combinations are possible for having 3 enfeebs on the mob at once)



In addition you can have Bio OR Dia on the mob (as you stated they cancel eachother out), and poison. If you have a bard in the party they can tack on a Requiem :).

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 7:39 pm

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Pixi beat me to posting. ^^
My question would be, can you stack DoTs from the elemental skill-based spells? i.e. Burn & Choke & Shock, or Frost & Rasp & Drown?

Answer to echo Pixi's: most absolutely. However, if you cross spells between the two triads you can only have 2 total effects work because of the elemental cancellation problem.

I also highly recommend anyone playing a blm or rdm to do what my brother calls *season* the mob, or spice it up before casting your elemental spells. My preferred seasoning is the burn/choke/shock combination as it lowers the mobs vit so the melee hit for higher damage and lowers it's elemental resistances so your elemental spells hit for increased damage as well. Also, starting the battle with these debuff spells will enable the melee (particularly the tank) to build greater enmity prior to you casting the elemental spells which build you the most enmity and most often upset the delicate hate balance of the party.

In addition to foe requiem being in it's own spot (go bard songs go!), as it's light based and works off the same premise as Dia, it stacks with dia. So the amount of HP lost per tick from the requiem spell can be added to the amount of HP lost per tick from the dia spell.


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