Guide to including item links in your posts

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Guide to including item links in your posts

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:03 pm

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Hey folks.
We now have Torhead tooltip support on the forums. Thanks go to Anny for adding that! :)

Quick description: Tooltip support for TOR enables us to post item links from and allows members to see exactly what has been linked via the hover box which appears when hovering over the link. This works the same as when someone shift clicks an item ingame and links it in the chat channel, all with the relevant quality colours and without the need to leave our site like you would normally.
Like so:

Here's how they work in action and how to go about using them.

Cheap (Grey): [Standard-Issue Overcoat]
Standard (White): [Jawa Cloak]
Premium (Green): [Aptitude Mod 25]
Prototype (Blue): [Project Lightblade]
Artifact (Purple): [Echo of XoXaan]
Custom (Orange): [GenoHaradan Agent's Rifle]
Legacy (Gold): [Arkanian Hyperdrive]

Few notes:
- The Standard white can be used for abilities too or if you prefer you could leave the colour code out and it'll show as the default link colour that our forum uses. Stuff like this don't have a quality so it doesn't really matter.
- The Orange coloured items are still being called legendary on most sites however their true name is Custom gear.

Here are the above tooltips I've linked but in code form to show you guys how to link them and what colour codes to use for each item quality;

Code: Select all

Cheap (Grey): [url=][color=#8f8f8f][Standard-Issue Overcoat][/color][/url]
Standard (White): [url=][color=#ffffff][Jawa Cloak][/color][/url]
Premium (Green): [url=][color=#00fa00][Aptitude Mod 25][/color][/url]
Prototype (Blue): [url=][color=#1b8afa][Project Lightblade][/color][/url]
Artifact (Purple): [url=][color=#812fe7][Echo of XoXaan][/color][/url]
Custom (Orange): [url=][color=#ff8000][GenoHaradan Agent's Rifle][/color][/url]
Legacy (Gold): [url=][color=#e5cc6c][Arkanian Hyperdrive][/color][/url]
So to link the [GenoHaradan Agent's Rifle] in a post you would write it like;

Code: Select all

[url=][color=#ff8000][GenoHaradan Agent's Rifle][/color][/url]
As you can see it starts with a link to the weapon (this must be Torhead) then you simply wrap the items name with the colour code needed. I've also added brackets at each end of the text [like so] to make it look like they do ingame but you don't have to add those to make it work.
Once you have done that you should have a link which points to Torhead, is the appropriate quality colour for what you have linked and you should get a lovely tooltip pop-up when you hover over the name!

All very simple and easy to use really and so much better than having to click every single link and go off-site.

Just so you don't have to sift through the above code everytime you want to find the colour for what you want to post. Here they are on their own;

Cheap - #8f8f8f
Standard - #ffffff
Premium - #00fa00
Prototype - #1b8afa
Artifact - #812fe7
Custom - #ff8000
Legacy - #e5cc6c

Enjoy :thumb:
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