Who is an ambassador?

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Who is an ambassador?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:20 pm

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If you're an ambassador to anywhere, please post here.

57th Overlanders
Vox Populi
Occasionally stop by NV, though Wachter is the main contact there.

EDIT: I'll be using this thread as the basis of a more permanent diplomatic contact list with links to alliance forums and IRC and such.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:50 pm

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I'm at Nueva Vida and Greenland Republic, but my account was recently deleted in the GR Forum move. Oh well. I've reapplied, etc.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:56 am

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I have a diplo mask at NpO. I maintain a lurker presence but have had some nice convo's with a few of their officials in PMs.

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