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SitRep please

PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 6:39 pm

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Athon Solo
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Hi all, (BOO!)

It's getting near (10 weeks to go!) to the end of my first year at uni and that means I might actually be able to play some internet based games regualrly again (the uni network setup makes this either impossible or a PITA and expensive). SO I'm looking at possibly making a return to Neocron to see how that's progressed.

How big is the NC division of SSX these days? What's the political situation? I note some (interesting) situations reported on THN and the NC forums.

I'm also looking at Click2Pay and going "erm, no! Not this time - or ever again for that matter". Particularly aimed at those in the UK, what PayByCash payment methods do you use and how much extra does it cost you to use them?

I note that a year on (approximately, from when I last checked) the "third payment method" is still not here. Hope it's unveiled in the next 10 weeks and is something useful - like I don't know, maybe WorldPay direct credit card payments!

The character balancing under discussion looks very interesting, and I hope it improved things. From the sounds of it they've recently nerfed holy heals making PPUs actually have a life expectancy.

Edit: ah - there's clan basement - forgot that existed =D
That explain some about current situation. =/

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