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Anime charts

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:35 pm

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Those of you who follow anime should be well aware of the image based airing charts, I always include links to them in the seasonal threads too. These only usually get updated once a month or so though so depending on when you look at them they're not always "current", plus there's only so much info they can get on there and with it being a static image there's no links to click either.

Started using this.
It does the same job as the jpg charts we've always used except this is constantly updated, is interactive and has links directing straight to their MAL listings, wiki for the studio, ANN, their official sites, a more info tab which displays who is directing it etc. There's also a page which shows exactly what is airing atm and on which days of the week, and little countdown timers to the next episode, simulcast info, number of episodes etc. You can also filter each list by genre.
It's still in beta atm but it's a great site and thought I'd share it. I'll be using this from now on I think :)
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