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Give me a name

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 4:05 am

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Considering that everyone in my immediate family is either dead or has been cut off from me for more than fifteen years, I decided that with my citizenship, I will also be changing my name and last name legally, since the one I currently have is retarded beyond belief and actually mis-represents me. Since I also believe that I will not procreate in this lifetime (never say never, but I don't see it happening for reasons I won't be going into), the lineage pretty much lives and dies with me. When I'm gone, that's it for this gene pool, and therefore identity is mine and all mine without any attachments or responsibilities.

The fun part about this is that I can generally choose whatever name, middle name, and last name that I like.

Currently I'm actually considering Christopher Snipes (FS2 fans will know that one) and possibly FLAME BOY!

While the latter may be a joke, fact is, I'm looking into cool names and last names to slap on my identity card. Final Fantasy XII actually provided with a cool last name that Larsa Ferrinas and Vayne Carudas share, which is "Solidor".

At any rate, I'm entertaining any name suggestions, so if you have any cool ones that pop into your head, post em if you want, it might give me ideas, or I might even choose exactly what you post.

Strange thread for certain, but a serious one.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 4:26 am

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well naturally you should first consider all FF7 names, cloud strife, vincent valentine, etc then i would start making variations of said names.. or hell just stick with flame boy.. its really up to you.. but if you named yourself after a game character i would have no choice other to respect you :)
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 4:30 pm

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Ok got a couple here for ya ;)

Max Payne
Leeroy Jenkins
Snake Plissken - (ok so the escape from.... game never got out of development but still ;D)
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:49 pm

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If I was being silly I'd suggest Bobbin Threadbare ;)

But seriously, I always liked the name Francis Delorain, from Nexus the Jupiter Incident, myself.
Marcus Cromell was also good from the same game, but probably not enough for me to reccommend you adopt it. Ironically, Delorain was a very minor character in the game, name was nice though, and since Arthur Norbank connotates the moron who charges into battle head first and loses every fight I'll stick with him :)

Cant think of any others off the top of my head...I'll post again if any come to me.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:53 pm

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Ofcourse Christopher Snipes gets my vote BD... :p

but do you look like a Christopher?????

If your going to change your name make sure its something that:
1. you like
2. suits you
3. that ain't totally dumb, as you can't blame anyone else but yourself.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:01 pm

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Cecil Longbottom

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:37 pm

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Spike Spiegel. No contest.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:25 pm

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Bradley is always a great first name.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:16 am

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Heh, Gregor is a wierd name.

I'd use Blackdove as a last name handle. it's been yours for a while.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 2:30 pm

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More random ones from me (ok so maybe not too serious) :p

Gordon Freeman (needs no introduction)

Duke Nukem (imagine man, you could be the Duke, great fun in bars when someone calls your name..."Yo Duke")

Von Braun or Shodan (from system shock)

Groove Champion (from Interstate 76)

Rick James (ok not a game character but I watched the Chappel episode on the way to work this morning and have been annoying the office going "I'm Rick James Bi$%H")

William "B.J." Blazkowicz's (Wolfenstein)

John Mullins (Soilder of fortune...also i think a real person who they based it on)

Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)

Mekkatorque (Better known as High Tinker Mekkatorque Gnome King)

Edwin Vancleef (i solo'd him with a lv32 rogue ^^)

Davian Thule (Brother-Captain of the Blood ravens in DoW Dark Crusade)

Jack Carver (Far Cry)

Victor Nefarius (who ;D )
'I Thought what i'd do is i'd pretend to be one of those deaf-mutes'

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:47 pm

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Michael Keele
Nate River

I like those names :P

Also you saying 'my nam doesn't represent me' makes me wonder what it is!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 7:21 pm

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Currently I'm actually considering Christopher Snipes
__??__ Koth,
__??__ Ahmose,
Jack Niven, or
Aken H. Bosch :thumb:

Only FS2 fans will get the above list :).
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 8:01 pm

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Flyk wrote:Spike Spiegel. No contest.
almost fits his personality, he's a bit more like the other guy though :p (not the cop)
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 12:57 am

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qd wrote:(not the cop)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 6:17 am

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Oddly enough had a mate about 10 years back do the same. Since then he has been legally known as Miles Polar Bear.
Miles was his nickname, Polar Bear came about during a drunk night. It definitely gets attention and he's happy as all hell with it.
Personally, I'd advise against a gamer name, might sound cool but for those in the know a bit pretentious. Go for something non-gaming and unique! Make yourself an American Indian type name. :)
Good luck,

P.S. I always used the name Pinky Carruthers and if I were to change my name, that would probably be it. No 'pinkish' connotations, but he was the leader of the Blue Blazer Regulars in Buckaroo Banzai, Across the Eigth Dimension.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 8:36 pm

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Tim Burr or Rick O'Shea is my vote :thumb:

PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:55 pm

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damian blackdove

sounds powerful yet evil!

its the namea bond bad guy would have, or the like :P

or, ever considered "master chief" i'd bet u'd get an invite from bungie and maybe a sponsership :P
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 4:28 pm

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My suggestions wld be :-
Gregory Isaac Joe
Jake (first or middle)
Alistair and or Robert (first or middle, but those are my first and middle names!!!)
Patton, beefheart or Spruance (as last names)
Pilot Inspector (some famous musicion named their kid that, really wanna remember who haha)
Any city, country etc (thats always a popular way to choose a name, places that you have been....... wait that sounds pretty stupid to me.......)
Fruit ( just another of those weird ways celebrities seem to choose their childrens names)

Well there you have it, most of it wasnt worth typing but i was serious with some of those suggestions. Good luck with ur new name, pick it well, i cant help thinking about that friends where phoebe has the same idea.......
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 5:38 pm

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not that i can come up with a good name. but as BD has become the standard short cut for you here, i would choose a name with the same initials, e.g.,

Bobbin Delorai

a mix up of the two names proposed in the post by anny.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:48 pm

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Sofia took my suggestion so i have to suggest

Schtolteheim Reinbach III
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