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@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Feb 11

Yep, #Firewatch is my 1st GOTY contender for 2016. Stunning game & the dialogue & voice acting was superb throughout https://t.co/sMafxHKLJA

@ShatteredStar97 retweeted - Feb 10

RT @Cities_PDX: Tune in to our Snowfall gameplay reveal stream tonight at 17:00 CET and have a chance to win a Chirpy mug! https://t.co/wcb…

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Feb 9

Well, judging from what I've played of #Firewatch so far I'd say we have our first GOTY contender for 2016 here.

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Feb 9

Aww, there's no way to hide the crosshair in #Firewatch for screenies? Shame but no biggie I guess. Just played past the intro... wow.

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Feb 9

Time to start #Firewatch methinks! 😆

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