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@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - 2h

Sooo many people with early copies of #MGSV already & we can't even pre-load the bloody thing on Steam! God damn lol http://t.co/1nCacO4WLL

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Aug 25

Check out this fantastic #MetalGear timeline by fellow Gaffer @AlexKalopsia http://t.co/LkzwhsQn5g (Is it Sep 1st yet?!)

@ShatteredStar97 retweeted - Aug 25

RT @LIRIK: Until Dawn http://t.co/qdThf14Lek http://t.co/AsT8eMAFYz

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Aug 25

#MGSVTPP Launch Trailer https://t.co/8gmo5oJNNE via @YouTube

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Aug 25

Why Metal Gear Solid 5 Deserves a 10 https://t.co/kQ31rsJsmS via @YouTube

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