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Edward Gardner @edwardgardner - 1h

I wonder if it teaches skills like day drinking, dodging responsibility, and reliving ones past? fb.me/6JUHnmhOi

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Martin House @MartinHouseUK - 2h

@imajsaclaimant i remember when Job Centers would provide paper, stamps,a phone and help filling in job applications

Wokstation @WokStation - 2h

12yo "can I have a bit of chocolate" me "no, dinner's nearly ready" 12yo "ok, I'll do my homework" me, from floor "what just happened???"

Edward Gardner @edwardgardner - 2h

One does wonder :) fb.me/5dIrTcz4V

Wokstation @WokStation - 2h

#charityTuesday time again! So send some back-to-school #ct love to @eczemasupport & the @rnli @outonashout bot! Twitter Embedded Image

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