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Star Citizen anniversary sale is now live!

Posted by SSX-MS on Saturday, November 22 2014

To help celebrate Star Citizen's second anniversary and as a thank you to their fans for the support and dedication, RSI have launched a special anniversary sale which will run for the next week, until Monday December 1st. The anniversary sale sees the return of several limited edition ships like Origin's gorgeous M50 Interceptor, the 350r and the F7C-M Super Hornet from Anvil Aerospace (plus many more!), all of which were only ever available for a short period of time before being removed from the store. These limited editions will be available for the duration of the sale as well!. Any of these bought during the anniversary sale will also come with an exclusive 2 years worth of insurance, rather than the standard 6 months.

200 Javelins will also become available at timed allocations for $2,500 each, the sales of which bring with them another sweet deal for those looking to support the game - 5,000 Aurora packages for just $20.

Interested in the game but haven't backed it yet? in the market for another ship to add to your growing collection? or perhaps looking at upgrading your existing one(s)?. Then now is a great time to do so!
See the official Star Citizen site for more info.

Our latest YouTube offerings!

Posted by SSX-MS on Friday, October 31 2014

If you've been following us on YouTube and/or social media (links in the top right corner!) you may have already seen these but for those of you who missed them - Here are three 1080p boss fight videos from the newly released "Lords of the Fallen":

Enjoy and be sure to keep an eye out for more!

Website change requests & redesign

Posted by SSX-MS on Tuesday, October 28 2014

Following up from our recent website updates, some of you may be aware that we are currently working on a new website design behind the scenes which we plan to launch with a whole host of new features and improvements on top of its completely new, sleek and modern look.
We can't wait to bring this to you all but in the meantime are there any changes to the website you would like to request yourself?. A new feature? page? something you think we should remove or update? Let us know on the forums!

Website Updates Galore!

Posted by Anubis on Wednesday, October 15 2014

As you may have noticed if you're a frequent visitor, we've just launched somewhat of a spruce up for our website!

Not only have we updated our content a little (including adding a new Star Citizen section to our Gallery), but you'll also notice brand new social icons have been added to the header to point you to our various homes around the web. Anyone browsing on a tablet or phone should also now notice that the main website is now fully responsive, making us a bit more device friendly than we have been in the past!

We've also rolled out some new functionality for the forums as part of this update, including (but not limited to) .webm support, and better image embedding support.

We hope everyone enjoys these new licks of paint!

Star Citizen forum section opened

Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, October 15 2014

Yes, the full game may be a way off from being complete and fully "connected" but that doesn't stop us from being incredibly excited for Star Citizen and its vision, surely one of the most ambitious titles there has ever been. - To share in our interest in the game and to follow the development of it we have just opened a brand new section for SC over in the forums. Feel free to drop in and make yourselves at home in there, both newcomers and existing members alike!

Test Drive the Arena Commander Lineup! #StarCitizen

Posted by SSX-MS on Sunday, October 12 2014

Got your eye on Star Citizen but not quite sure which ship to go for? Fancy giving the Hornet F7C a try but don't want to put down $140?. During this week all Star Citizen backers will have the ability to test drive all five flyable ships in honor of the games second anniversary. As such the Aurora, 300i, Hornet, M50 & 350R will be available for all backers until October 17th. A perfect opportunity to get in there and give em all a try for yourself! - source

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