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Non-Game Related - The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Non-Game Related - The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Posted by SSX-MS on Sunday, March 15 2015

For something a bit different (who said we were just restricted to games chat?!), I saw these guys on Friday night:

"The Australian Pink Floyd Show, more frequently referred to as the Australian Pink Floyd, are a Pink Floyd tribute band formed in 1988 in Adelaide, South Australia. Their live shows attempt to recreate the look, feel, and sound of Pink Floyd's later world tours, employing visual aids such as lasers, inflatables and a large display panel similar to Mr Screen. The Australian Pink Floyd Show play venues worldwide.


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The Shattered Star Community organization in Star Citizen

The Shattered Star Community organization in Star Citizen

Posted by SSX-MS on Thursday, March 5 2015

I am happy to report that the Shattered Star organization in Star Citizen is now up and running!

Some of our members are already in the organization with invites going out to everyone else we know to have backed the game (assuming we know your SC handle of course!). If you're missing an invite just give us a shout or hit the "Join Us Now" button on the org page and we'll get you in asap!


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Our Community

Our Community

Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, March 4 2015

I didn't really want to be the one to bring this subject up again but since we always said we'd revisit it given the previous split vote, now is as good a time as any I think. It has been well over 2 years since we last had this discussion, believe it or not.

Star Citizen may not be 100% complete and out the door as a finished project yet but it is already becoming a thing for us and looks certain to be the home of our next group if all goes to plan. A few of us have already been playing Arena Commander together in there on a regular basis (more are welcome to come join!), we've been sharing stuff over on our YouTube page along with social media and yesterday we opened up our Star Citizen organization. We're going to be known as the Shattered Star Community in there, SSC as short.


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2015 Game Releases - March

2015 Game Releases - March

Posted by SSX-MS on Monday, February 23 2015

As we enter the last week of February here we take a look at March and what gaming releases it has to offer.

We're not that far into the year yet but March looks to be extremely promising with lots of new releases to look forward, all different platforms and a little something for everybody really. With titles such as Grand Theft Auto V finally making their way to PC, Cities: Skylines which looks like it really could be the true successor to SimCity, the hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive - Bloodborne, Pillars of Eternity from the guys at Obsidian and many, many more.


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Our February YouTube Offerings (so far)

Our February YouTube Offerings (so far)

Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, February 18 2015

Our YouTube channel went a little quiet over the Christmas and New Year breaks just gone but we're back and kicking things up a notch this week with 10 new uploads.

Our recent additions cover some of our newly started co-op games in Star Citizen's Arena Commander, a multiplayer video of Star Citizen's "Devs vs Community" play test (before the servers went down!) along with a few other videos from Ubisoft's Rocksmith 2014.


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Bloodborne - Blood-starved Beast (3rd Boss Fight co-op): via @YouTube

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Bloodborne - Father Gascoigne (2nd Boss Fight): via @YouTube

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