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If you're interested in joining the STR please make sure you read the "About Us" page as well as the rest of this page before you go about posting your application.

Please understand that although the STR used to raid places like BWL/AQ40 etc and may end up doing so again in the future, we are not a raiding guild and never have been. If hardcore raiding is what you want out of this game then you won't find it here.

As the "about us" page explains, the STR is a gaming community of friends based on the foundation of trust, respect and most of all, friendship. We don't play to raid, get server firsts or be the best guild on the server, we play to have fun together.

If you're thinking of joining our WoW group please also understand that because we are a community we exist outside of this one group. If you join, you're also part of that community and even when you decide to leave WoW that doesn't mean you have to leave our community unless you choose to. You may find that you go on to play another game where we have an STR group that you may want to be part of. You also wouldn't have to be part of that group if you didn't want to, but its nice when you join a new game and already have people there that you know.

Vouching System

If after reading all the info on this page and the about us page, you are still interested in joining us and understand what kind of place this is, you are almost ready to post your application.

In the STR we have a vouching system, this means that when applying to join us you need to have at least 2 current STR members vouch for you. If you post an application when you don't have at least 2 vouches, your application will be turned down until you do. This is simple. If you want to join us, make some more friends here first and let us get to know you some more (ingame/forums/Discord whatever). Once you've made some friends here you won't have a problem finding people to vouch for you.

When you have your vouches, feel free to visit the recruitment section on our forums and post an application.

To help you, here are a few examples of what what we're interested in knowing when you post your application.

Who you are?, where you come from?, How old are you? what are your interests ingame and in real life?, How did you find out about us?, Who do you already know in the STR? (remember, if you are applying to join you need to have 2 existing members vouch for you!), what do you look for in a guild and why does the STR appeal to you? Which other guilds have you been in previously and why did you leave them?

Please take your time with your application, the above examples are just a few of the things we're interested in knowing when we read applications. That doesn't mean to say to limit your application to answering just the above questions and nothing else. Feel free to tell us even more about yourself, the more the better!, the above are just examples. Just remember that we couldn't care less what gear you're wearing, what raiding experience you have, what your spec is etc. It honestly doesn't matter to us. If you go ahead and list all your gear and stuff its gonna look like you haven't bothered to read any of this so it doesn't start your application off good. Sell yourself, not your gear. ;)

Once you have posted your application you will either be contacted by one of our WoW moderators ingame or asked to contacted them. Please be patient. Good luck. :)

Rules & Other Info

  • Character levels, equipment, experience & classes
    Just to point out we do NOT have any restrictions to recruiting people based on their characters level, equipment, class or your experience in raids. We do not care if you are only level 1 or if you're level 60, if you have no raid experience what so ever, or however many epics you have...the person behind the character comes first to us. This is why we will not recruit people just because they are looking for a guild to experience endgame content with, we are much much more than this. However, though we do not have restrictions on classes joining it is best to note that we do already have more than enough of certain classes.

  • Multiclanning
    We do not allow multiclanning on the same server. This means that if you wish to be a member of Exiles on Outland we do not allow you to have characters in other guilds on Outland as well. However If you wish to be part of another guild on a different server than what the Exiles play on then that is fine. We like our guild to be close, be able to trust and have respect for one another, being a member of other guilds on the same server at the same time can cause problems. There are no exceptions to this rule!

  • Behaviour
    We do not like members to use any harmful, threatening, abusive behaviour to any other fellow Exiles or anyone else for that matter. We are a very close-knit, friendly guild. As well as verbal behaviour, any members found to be ninjaing loot from anyone even outside the guild, on purpose, will be kicked from the guild. We do not allow unacceptable behaviour like this. We have members of all ages but we still expect everyone to act maturely.

  • STR Website and Forums
    As stated in the steps about joining above, you must be a registered forum member before you can join the STR. It is up to you how often you wish to post but it is recommended that you become an active part in our community and not just WoW, you're an STR member afterall. Always remember that we exist outside of the particular group that you're part of ingame.

Important: Helping One Another

If you have already read the "About Us" page already you will know that we strongly believe in helping each other out as much as we can, whether it be helping with quests, money, providing better equipment, using our tradeskills to help one-another or even the simplest of things and helping each other get to know the game better if they have just started playing WoW.

If we get drops that we don't need ourselves we usually always ask other members over guild chat if they need any of them before we put them on the auction house, vendor or disenchant them. If someone needs some armour making, an enchant, potions or anything like that we use the rule of "provide the mats and we'll make for free". We do not charge each other gold on top of that, we keep that for people outside of our guild though we don't expect people to give epic items away for free even to your guildmates.

We have a guild bank which has recently started where all of us can send high lvl items to like BoE set pieces, blue weapons, darkmoon cards, trade mats etc. All the items in the guild bank can be used to help our friends out in the guild rather than just selling them on the auction house. - All of the things here will be given out for free of course, we won't have any selling of items to guild members going on.

On top of the free item distribution within the guild talked about above, we also have guild only instance raids where we go out especially to help each other get better equipment and/or get things to put in the guild bank that other guild members may need. If you are the type of person that will not want to do instance runs in places where you have already got the items you wanted from, then this probably isn't the guild for you. The STR will run any instance with any guild member whether they need items from there themselves or not, we are not the type of people to say "sorry i don't wanna come help in Stratholme because i've already got everything i want from there". We see this as being rather selfish and as above, we strongly believe in helping each other get better equipped whether going there will benefit ourselves or not.

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