dkp rules and info

What Is DKP?

DKP stands for "Dragon Kill Point". It is a special looting & distribution system based on earning points from killing raid bosses. The points that a person gains can then be used to buy items that drop that you want by "bidding". See the information below on how the STR's DKP system works.

DKP is to be used for the following: Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair, Blackwing Lair, Azuregos, Kazzak & the 4 Emerald Dream dragons. - We do not use DKP gain inside Zul'Gurub, AQ20 or for Silithus bosses, however we will allow you to bid on an item with your DKP that you earned from Onyxia/MC/BWL/AQ40 if you really want to.

Earning Points

Here is an outline on the points we award:

  • On Time Bonus - 2.00

Molten Core

  • 3.00 - Lucifron down
  • 3.00 - Magmadar down
  • 3.00 - Gehennas down
  • 3.00 - Garr down
  • 3.00 - Baron Geddon down
  • 3.00 - Shazzrah down
  • 3.00 - Sulfuron Harbinger
  • 3.00 - Golemagg the Incinerator down
  • 4.00 - Majordomo Executus down
  • 5.00 - Ragnaros down


  • 4.00 - Onyxia down
  • 4.00 - Kazzak down
  • 4.00 - Azuregos down

Emerald Dragons

  • 6.00 - Emeriss down
  • 6.00 - Lethon down
  • 6.00 - Taerar down
  • 6.00 - Ysondre down

Blackwing Lair

  • 4.00 - Razorgore The Untamed down
  • 4.00 - Vaelastrasz The Corrupt down
  • 4.00 - Broodlord Lashlayer down
  • 4.00 - Firemaw down
  • 4.00 - Ebonroc down
  • 4.00 - Flamegor down
  • 4.00 - Chromaggus down
  • 7.00 - Nefarian down

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

  • 6.00 - The Prophet Skeram down
  • 8.00 - Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, Vem - The Three Bugs down
  • 10.00 - Battleguard Sartura down
  • 10.00 - Fankriss the Unyielding down
  • 15.00 - Viscidus down
  • 12.00 - Princess Huhuran down
  • 12.00 - Emperor Vek'nilash, Emperor Vek'lor - The Twin Emperors down
  • 12.00 - Ouro the Sandworm down
  • 15.00 - C'Thun down

DKP will usually be awarded for failed boss attempts if we feel the raid has earned them.

When you attend a raid you will receive a certain amount of DKP points which you can then use to bid with on items you want. eg. Lets say you attended a Blackwing Lair raid, you joined the raid on time and you were present on the raid for killing Nefarian. For this raid you will have received 2 points for arriving on time, and 7 points for killing Nefarian, so a total of 9 points. At the end of the raid these points will then be added to our DKP site.

You can see how many points are awarded for which bosses in the section above. As you will notice we award more points for killing harder bosses, ranging from just 3 points for killing Lucifron in Molten Core to 15 points for killing C'Thun in AQ40. As stated above we do not give DKP gain inside ZG and AQ20 therefore the bidding process in those instances will be rolls, however if someone states they wish to spend DKP on said item they may do so. DKP Prices for these can be found on the item values pages.

DKP By Character - Not By Account

Due to technical limitations with the DKP site all DKP will be based by character and not by account. This means that if you wish to bring one of your alts on a raid instead of your main, it will be your alt that receives the DKP gained and not your main. You will not be allowed to put your DKP straight onto your main if you're raiding on your alt. Your alt and your main will both have seperate DKP pools so if you wish to receive loot on your alt/s you will have gain DKP on your alt/s by raiding with them.

However, If you decide to make an alt your new main character, you will have a few days to decide if you made the right choice.

Also, your DKP will be transferred, no matter if it's positive or negative. Having your DKP transferred from your old main to your new main will only be done once and once only!

Raid Invites

Invites are based on gear (whether you need gear or if you have good enough gear to be of use) and experience. Nothing else.

If you wish to come to an instances, there's sometimes certain demands you will have to live up to.

MC for example, you need to get your FR gear sorted - at least 100 unbuffed.

For BWL you require FR for some of the fights, speak with your CL about how much you should have for the different encounters. You will also need to have an Onyxia Scale Cloak for Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor and Nefarion.

AQ requires that you have good gear, it's harder than the other instances, and requires more of you. Melee need to have alot of HP for fights such as Sartura, and if you're in the wall, a rogue warrior or most of the hunters, you will need at least 200 NR for Huhuran.

If you are planning to attend a raid you should prepare yourself and head for whichever instance the guild is raiding that evening around 30 minutes before the raid is due to start (raids usually start at 8pm server time, so you would start making your way to the instance at around 7:30 server time).

Minimum Bids

Items will have a minimum cap on them which means you must bid at least the minimum on an item you need. eg. If an item has a minimum cap value of 50 you must bid at least 50 points or more. You couldn't bid any less than that. However if nobody with enough points is bidding then negative bidding may take place. See down the page for more info please.

Example of the amount of points needed to place a bid on certain items (remember this is an example):

  • Minimum of 40 points - Tier 2 - boots, bracers & glove set pieces.

  • Minimum of 50 points - Tier 2 - legs & shoulder set pieces.

  • Minimum of 55 points - Tier 2 - chest & head set pieces.

Obviously weapons and harder to acquire set pieces will have a rather high cap on them compared to some pieces of armor.

Maximum Bids

The maximum bid of items is double the item's minimum cap. eg. xxx minimum cap is 30DKP, so its maximum cap would be 60DKP. However for weapons and such the maximum cap will be raised to x2.5.

You may not bid any higher than the maximum cap, this is mostly in the interest of newer raid members. If two people both bid the maximum cap they would roll for the item.

Note: As of 20th July 2006 - MC Tier 1 set pieces have had their minimums reduced by 10DKP, however their max/overbids will remain the same as before. (See below for what those are):

New Tier 1 Prices

  • Belts, Bracers, Gloves, Boots - Min 10.00 / Max 40.00 / Overbid 80.00

  • Pants & Shoulders - Min 20.00 / Max 60.00 / Overbid 120.00

  • Head & Chest - Min 25.00 / Max 70.00 / Overbid 140.00


An overbid will be very expensive and should not be used as a regular course of bidding.

The overbid of an item will be 200% value of an items max bid and will be applied to all items! Here are two examples to to explain a little better:

Item overbid example : Robes of Transcendence

  • Minimum cap = 55DKP

  • Maximum cap (item minimum x2 - 55+55) = 110DKP

  • Overbid (max x2 - 110+110) = 220DKP

The example above will give you the overbid of all items except for weapons. As explained in the maximum bids sections, the max of all weapons is x2.5 of its minimum. See below for explanation:

Weapon overbid example : Staff of the Shadow Flame

  • Minimum cap = 180DKP

  • Maximum cap (weapon minimum x2.5 - 180x2+90) = 450DKP

  • Overbid (max x2 - 450+450) = 900DKP

As you can see if a person really wanted to overbid on the Staff of the Shadow Flame it is going to cost them a whopping 900DKP.

Stating Your Current DKP To The Bid Taker

When bidding on items you must clearly state your current DKP to whoever is taking the bids for the item you are bidding on. Tell them the amount of points you are bidding followed by your current DKP in brackets. Please make sure you always check how much DKP you have via our DKP site before you bid.

Example: /whisper avator 57 (268)

This rule is to make sure the people bidding actually know they have the points to spend. In the past people have bid more points than they thought they had resulting in them receiving an item that somebody else with points should have received. The bid takers should not have to double check everybody's DKP on the site to make sure you are telling the truth, if you are caught bidding more DKP than you have you will be warned, if you continue to do it you will most likely be raid banned.

Bidding Process

When bidding opens on an item that has dropped the raid leader (or bid taker) will announce over raidchat that they are taking bids for the item, they will also state what the minimum cap on the item is. eg. The raid leader would announce over raidchat "Taking bids for Azuresong Mageblade - 50min".

When the bid taker is taking bids on this item, if you wish to bid on it you must whisper the bid taker with the amount of points you wish to bid. eg. Mageblade is 50min, you currently have 80DKP - This means you can only bid from 50points which is the minimum up to 80points which is the total amount of points that you currently have. You can only bid the amount of points that you have and no more.

During the time the bid taker is taking bids through whisper all these bids will be kept secret - "silent bidding". Once the bidding is over the bid taker will announce over raidchat who has won the item - this is the person that has bid the most points on the item (up to the maximum cap). To state again though, you cannot bid eg. 125 points on the Mageblade which is max, if you don't actually have 125 points. The raid leader or bid taker/s shouldn't need to go around checking to make sure you have the points you say you have so please respect that. If you are caught bidding more points than you actually have (which in the past has resulted in this person getting the item by mistake over people that actually did have the minimum), you will be warned, if you are found to be bidding more points than you have again you will be raid banned.

Also note that if you have the DKP for a minimum bid, and only whisper interest to the one taking bids, you will end up on the same level as those who don't have minimum DKP for that item.

Example: Ashkandi drops, 10 people bid and all say interest, one has minimum but still says interest. This person will then have to roll against all the others showing interest. (Note that other rules apply here as well, if you're an alt and the others are mains, you can't roll and the main wins by default. And if you're in negative DKP, the ones with positive DKP will have priority over you).


Ties are handled by having the people that both bid the same amount of points roll on the item. The item is then given to the person for the amount that they originally bid. Or, if more than one person with less than minimum points is bidding on the item and going into negative points to get it, they would both roll for it, and then go into negative points depending on what the minimum cap of the item was.

Bidding : Alts & Mains

If a main character and an alt character bid on the same item, the alt needs to outbid the main in order to get the item.

If they both bid the same amount of DKP, the main wins the item by default.

If the main is in negative DKP, and the alt can't afford the minimum bid, it will still go to the main. Same goes for if both the main and the alt are both in negative DKP - the main will still win the item.

Negative DKP

If something drops that none of the people with enough points to bid on it can afford, then the people that have lesser points will be allowed to bid on it instead. If so, this person will go into negative DKP. If someone that has enough points is able to bid higher than you then you are obviously unable to bid against them.

eg. #1 - Might Gloves dropped (15 DKP). Only 1 warrior wants to bid on them but he only has 10 points. As non of the other warriors are going to bid, this warrior is able to bid on them. By doing so he will go into negative DKP as he doesn't have the minimum 15 points they are worth.

eg. #2 - Might Gloves dropped (15 DKP). 2 warriors want to bid on them. Warrior 1 has 20 DKP and Warrior 2 has 5 DKP. As the gloves are worth 15 DKP, and a warrior with 15 or more points to bid with is going to be bidding, this means warrior 2 is not allowed to bid for obvious reasons. He cannot over bid Warrior 1 as he doesn't have enough points.

Interfering With Loot

The only time someone is to interfere with loot is for MT(Armed) and main OT(Losty) loot.

If a call is made that the MT or the main OT is to get the loot, they get it for minimum bid.

If a person chooses to pass on an item for someone else, it's up to them and them alone to decide so without outside pressure or interference.

Makings deals about bidding on items is NOT acceptable.

We have a closed bidding system for a reason, and people shouldn't feel pressured to pass for someone else.

If you want an item badly, don't convince people to let you take it for a low price. Bid the DKP you feel it's worth instead.

Trade Mats

Trade mats, eg. Lava cores, Core leather etc are sent to the guild bank. See "Guild Bank Items" below for more details.

Greed Items

All BoE blues are sent to our guild bank, currently "Ssxy". For a list of all the items that can be found in this bank please see this thread.

Guild Bank Items

A list of items and their prices that can usually be found in our guild bank can be found here. (Cores, BoE's, Coins, Nexus Crystals).

If you buy something from the bank with your DKP it can always be refunded. Taking something from any guildbank to sell on the AH isn't ok, and will mean you can't get more items from the guildbanks.

Farming Mats

People will be able to farm certain mats (ie, arcane crystals or mooncloth) and get money for it from the guildbank.

Bid Takers

Trusted, capable members will take the job of taking people's bids during the raid.

Raid Chat & Vent During Raids

When an item drops we expect everyone to keep the raid channel clear so the raid leader can accept bids. It is a time of excitement and it is easy for the raid leader to miss bids if they cannot see them all. If someone is flooding the chat log with excessive conversation or spam they will be subject to loss of DKP points.

If you are using Vent during the raid please use some common courtesy. If someone is trying to explain a tactic, please don't interupt them.

Quest Items

First bidder to win a main quest item he/she needs will be top priority for finishing it first. This means that if a quest item drops the person that needed it and won it will be top priority for any further quest items that drop that are needed to complete the same quest.

Speeding Up Raids

One forum post per raid, everyone signs up if they can come, with their name and class.

Also, if you are able to come but will be a bit late, or have to go to bed at a certain time, this should be mentioned in the post. In the first post it will also be mentioned when/if we have breaks.

People going chain-afk has to stop. This is where one person goes afk for 5 min, then when that one gets back, another goes.

If you have died during a boss fight, you will get one ress afterwards. If you don't accept it because you're afk, you will miss out on the loot.

If you have to go afk for some reason, then whisper your class leader or the raid leader.

Class leaders, you should have a separate whisper window for this so you won't miss a whisper, and you can scroll back.

If no one shows interest in an item, we will no longer double check if anyone wants it.

If no one shows interest, it will be disenchanted right away.

If you really need to go afk during a raid please whisper your class leader to let them know that you are going afk and let them know when you return. If you go afk for no good reason and don't bother to tell your class leader that you are going afk, don't be surprised if your place in the raid has been replaced by somebody else.

Zero Tolerance

By whining, by complaining, by being inappropriate and unrealistic, by being irresponsible, by being immature, you are taxing whoever is in charge of the raid.

Whoever will be running the raids has strict orders not to put up with anything from anyone, in regards to the whining and total BS we put up with previously.

You do it, raidbanned.

You continue to do it GUILD KICKED.

Just because we're moderators doesn't mean we're not guild members, it doesn't mean we signed up to put up with your trivial whines and unproductive bitching. If you have CONSTRUCTIVE comments to make, do so, please.

Please note this applies to pretty much everything.

If you are being nothing but disruptive you will quickly find yourself with at the very least a warning.

Severe cases will be dealt with on the spot, if needs be.

You have been warned.

We aren't human punch bags.

It doesn't put us in a good mood to deal with the rest of the raid and it doesn't help when things go wrong and we wipe, it's very easy to get extremely annoyed when 2-5 people are complaining at you on /w whilst you're leading a raid.

If you have problems that do not immediately need to be attended to leave them until after the raid and talk to the moderaters constructively, if you have problems that NEED to be resolved immediately find a moderator that isn't running a raid.

Character Names

If your character's name uses any letters that are not in the english alphabet you will NOT be able to receive DKP. You have two choices, either you get Blizzard to change your name to something else that doesn't use stupid letters or you go without DKP. Sorry, but the DKP database does not understand letters like this and will not add them in to the database. Your choice.

Further Information

If there is something you are unsure of and still do not understand after reading everything on this page, feel free to ask another member of the guild, a moderator, or post on the forums and ask. Please don't leave your questions until the last minute, during a raid.

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