Guides & Useful WoW Stuff!

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Guides & Useful WoW Stuff!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 4:24 pm

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New Player & Class Guides; Endgame Instance Guides; Endgame Outdoor World Boss Guides; Resistance Gear Guides; Misc Guides; User Interface & Modification Guides; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Highly Recommended Addons;
As many of us frequently use these addons during our raids direct download links to the SSX server have been provided in the case that the official sites are down.
Tools etc;
  • Irfanview
    Free image viewing software that you can view your .tga screenshot files with
  • ConvertShots
    WoW Tool - Converts all your screenshot files from .tga to .jpg
  • WoWToc
    This tool will automatically update the toc's number of your addons at the click of a button

[Edit - A few of the threads that the above links linked to were deleted during the forum pruning, added a little note besides them]
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