As there is currently no WoW EU forum....

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As there is currently no WoW EU forum....

PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 4:19 pm

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...I hope you don't mind me gate crashing with a couple of Threads here.

Let me explain.

In an attempt to rebuild a WoW EU group, the Shattered Star eXiles
on Outland is making a comeback (hopefully)

My aim is for a Guild of players who are initially low to middle level,
who may be new or returning for the expansion.
Who wish to have fun whilst levelling/grinding and who could help
each other out in the process.


I'm Ash, I consider myself a Casual player, although I tend to be on
most days for an hour atleast.

I enjoy playing multiple characters / professions, hence the long list
in my signature, and the fact they are not high level.


Edited to reflect the change in Guild name.
The quiet one in the corner

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