Soliciting MOAR Opinions!

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Which mech would you like to see highlighted in January's build post?

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Soliciting MOAR Opinions!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:22 am

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As I've alluded to in a few other posts, I now (at least for the moment) have a content pipeline for the build threads. Next month, I'll be highlighting one of the two chassis that jumped the queue ahead of the Executioner, but that doesn't mean that I'm taking a full month off of MWO. I still have a backlog of mechs that need mastering, and thanks to the addition of a couple of loyalty mechs, that backlog actually got worse while I was working on the Executioner.

Since I'm again torn between two mechs, I put the question to you, the reader: Which mech should I pilot in December for highlighting in January?

• On the one hand, there's the Blackjack. I own the BJ-1DC, the BJ-1X, and the BJ-2. This chassis bears some similarities with the Hunchback, with a relatively low engine cap and each variant's focus on a different class of weapon, but it's five tons lighter and has some of those hardpoints pushed off to high, spacious arms. Those arms mean that, despite the weight difference, there's actually build options that the Blackjack can pull off that the Hunchback can't.

• The other option is the Wolfhound. I own all four of the current Wolfhound variants, though I'd focus my time and attention on the WLF-1, WLF-1a, and WLF-2. The Wolfhound is an energy-based light mech, which sets it well apart from anything I've highlighted previously. The only light mech I've mastered prior to now is the Adder, and the Adder is less a light mech and more a medium mech with an eating disorder. The Wolfhound would be my first fast light mech, so if you want to force me to learn an all new playstyle, then this would be the choice for you.

I'm going to master and likely highlight both of these chassis eventually, but the one that you don't choose is going to have a thick layer of dust on it by the time it comes round again. As before, I welcome input from everyone, whether they play MWO or not. If you're nostalgic for one of those chassis, then that's reason enough to vote for it. If you think one of the mechs will make me suffer and my salty, salty tears are what keep you going from one day to the next, then that's reason enough to vote for that mech. If you're an MWO player who finds my build threads helpful or inspiring and you want my thoughts on one of those chassis specifically, then....then you're probably a little crazy and should vote for the other mech before seeking professional help.

Votes will be tallied in three weeks and a margin of up to 2.8 million will be overridden by the Electoral College.

Blackjack OR Wolfhound

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Re: Soliciting MOAR Opinions!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:21 pm

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Wolfhound for me I think! Will be interesting to read your views on a different style of mech! :)
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Re: Soliciting MOAR Opinions!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:19 am

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But.... But.... I'm really good with mediums....

Alright, fine.... Unlike the Electoral College, I guess I'll follow the will of the voter. If the will of the voter becomes too much of a pain in the ass, though, then I'll downgrade the Wolfhounds' engines to XL210s and build them like they were Inner Sphere Adders. :P

Either way, there's a big patch coming on Tuesday (Dec.13) , and at least one pilot is going to be well outside of his comfort zone for about the next month, so to anyone thinking of getting (back) into MWO, there's no better time than December.

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