The SSX is now migrating to Tomb of Freedon Nadd **

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The SSX is now migrating to Tomb of Freedon Nadd **

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:16 pm

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I will keep this stickied since it'll help inform our currently active members and then our inactives if they should ever return and wonder what's up.
For those of you unaware or haven't been following the other thread
BioWare have recently setup free character transfers to and from selected servers in a way to combat the low populations on many servers. Lower-population servers have been made "origin" and these are currently linked with a "destination" server where several origin servers are able to transfer over to at a time. Bloodworthy is now one of these origin servers linked with another EU/PVP server called Tomb of Freedon Nadd.
Less than 24hrs after these transfers began our server has been left pretty much dead, as you'll see in the image above with myself being the only person on the Imperial fleet). Because of this things that actually require a playerbase like warzones and flashpoint groups, the GTN etc are now non existent. - As well as the possibility of it staying that way there is a chance that BioWare will merge this server in the very near future to bring its population back up since so much of the game becomes unplayable in a state like that. Plus they'll be wasting money by keeping it running for so few people. Or there's a chance they could force the remaining players off at some point and either close it or keep it open but just for the free-to-play levels 1-15. Basically since its future is uncertain and nothing is guaranteed it would be quite risky as a guild to wait and see which of these happens or whether it remains as dead as it is. Soooo the only logical choice we have been left with is to transfer to Tomb of Freedon Nadd aswell.

One big downside to all of this is that migrating doesn't include an automatic guild transfer which means we not only have to transfer individually but will have to reform the guild over there too. Another downside is that character & legacy names may already be in-use, in which case you will sadly have to rename those affected.
Our new home - Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Unless, for whatever reason, you would like to leave any or all of your characters on Bloodworthy please begin your transfer over to Tomb of Freedon Nadd.
As of beginning to type this out ToFN has over 300 people on the fleet alone, an extremely active chat, warzone queues lasting mere seconds (a minute or two at the very most), many flashpoint groups, a GTN packed full of stuff (some of which you never even saw on Bloodworthy like Ice Scrabbler Jerky) and lots & lots of new faces. In comparison Bloodworthy currently has 14 people on the entire empire side (all planets combined), no general chat, no warzones, no flashpoints and a pretty much empty and useless GTN.

To begin your transfer please visit this page. The (FAQ should be able to answer any questions you may have but all of your gear, inventory, credits & cargo hold will transfer with you. The only things that won't are mailbox entries, GTN listings and your friends and ignore list so please do what you need to do with anything like this before you begin!
The transfer time can vary but when I moved my marauder over it took no longer than 2 minutes to submit my request, for them to process it and for me to be able to login again on the new server. Other than having to rename my legacy I haven't had any problems.

Right now we are still without a guild on the new server so we will have to use this thread to coordinate with each other and get it created again - needs a group of 4 iirc.
SSX on Bloodworthy
Rather than disbanding our guild on Bloodworthy we are most likely going to leave it intact but mainly just to house our inactives and provide both a home and direction left in the MOTD as to where we have gone should anyone decide to return in the future, assuming the server is still open. That way if any of them do come back they don't find themselves guildless with no ingame sign of where we have gone.
If you would like to create a new alt to keep in that guild or leave an existing character either to play or to still have contact with anyone who does (or may return) you are more than welcome to do so. It would however be nice to think that all or the vast majority of our active members are coming with us rather than staying put on a dead server.
This is with the proviso that other members chip in to rebuy our guild bank and its 3 vaults over on the new server once we're able to. BioWare will only regrant us these for free if we disband our old guild and rebuying them will cost around 3.6mil (once we have 12 members/alts in the new guild). I am willing to come up with the 600k if needed but I would rather spend the money I have been saving on the 4th vault which it was intended for rather than having to rebuy vaults I had already purchased for us.
All items and credits from our Bloodworthy bank have been moved over to my agent's cargo holds and will transfer over to Tomb of Freedon Nadd with us. They can't stay there forever though so either others band together to rebuy these for us or before the transfers are closed we disband the Bloodworthy guild so that BioWare will regrant us it.
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