Specialisation / Discipline bye bye Hybrid

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Specialisation / Discipline bye bye Hybrid

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:43 pm

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Anyone played SWTOR recently?

I jumped in to see what the latest was and hit the tweak to the specialisation trees, i.e. no trees!!!
I realise that these changes have been in game awhile but it the first time I have come across them.

You just pick a specialisation discipline and certain active and passive skills become available to the player.
You do get to pick Utility skills from a general pool yet ultimately this has removed the possibility of hybridisation.

My hybrid Bounty Hunter Spec is obsolete.
The spec is dead.......long live the spec!!!

I have read the reasons the devs have issued with regards it will be easier to balance for new content, level cap increase etc,
but ultimately I fear it removes choice from the player and those quirky specs you saw.
Yes a hybrid spec was generally not as good a damage dealer as a pure spec, but if fitted my play style and allowed me to engage at any range
and I liked that.

My Bounty Hunter is currently now an Advanced Prototype build and very rarely has any issues with heat management.


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