Hey guys

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Hey guys

PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:05 am

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Hey guys, how is it going? im still stuck in netherland, but will be back on saturday, and if im not to tired i will be on AoC for sure :D hehe

just wondering how the PvP system is? was it launched or?

i just read in my norwegian news paper that they are planning to merge servers, this is my first MMO i have really played so anyone knows how they usually do server merging?

just wanna make sure i end up in the same server as you guys :D im dont want to go hunting for another guild. This would be the second time i would need to find another guild when i get back from travel... hehe anyway...

see ya on saturday eve guys, i need to get myself some pvp gear :D

by the way, i tried to send mel, jack and mark a message about the vent info so i could log on and get some updates... but havent gotten any answer yet :mad: hehe


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:01 pm

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Haha Sorry I did not check my PM's the last few days.

Mel and Jack are currently dealing with the aftermath of Hurrican Ike. They will be back online as soon as where they live has been repaired from the water dmg. Which hopefully will be very soon.

Yes the PvP patch has been released and is fun. Though some classes are more powerfull than others currently.

As for server mergers I have never been through them. But what I belive is each person on a server will be placed on the same server everyone else is going to. Could be wrong but I hope that is how it goes.

I will not be able to be on this weekend due to family staying at my house but I will be around after that! Hope to see you in game soon.

Have a safe trip!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:47 pm

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thier are 2 types of server merges the first is where they will take 2 lower pop servers and combine them on to the more stable of the 2 making 2 higher pop server the other merg is when they want to upgrade their servers and combine populations at the same time this is usaly dont by making a mirror copy of the accounts on the new server and allowing people to log onto the new server then after a period of time when their are no problems with the transfer they will take the old servers off line
i have been through both types for the most part you would not even know it happen other then the fact you may just log onto a diff server that is all

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