Two Part Message....

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Two Part Message....

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:46 pm

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One: are there any restrictions on recruiting? I've lately been helping new EvE players on the EvE forums and I could probably get a few of the more mature sounding ones to join. I just don't know if SSX itself has any requirements or guide lines in this matter.

Two: do we have a way of messaging one another out of EvE? Often times I want to send a message from work asking Drech to pick something up for me, or to James about one of my new crazy ideas, but I don't have a Facebook (I know some of you do) and I can't install Jabber on my work PC. Any ideas?

Re: Two Part Message....

PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 9:26 am

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We also use Skype. Depending on the company you're working for you might have access to skype. I'll pm you our skype names if it can help you out, otherwise i'll hook you up with a mail address so you can just mail me.

On recruiting, great to hear that you're helping out newbies in Eve, get on Skype, I'll forward you to a friendly diplo guy who'll tell you how to go about recruiting

There is this very handy tool that we can use to scan the skills and history of toons.

As to who'm do we want in our corp? Just relaxed persons that know that Eve is just a game, and that there are plenty of other offerings. People interested in things besides Eve. Mature in the sense that they have grown a pair and don't go on silly tantrums. Some people are mature at 21 others at 65.

I wouldn't put too much rules on who we want, but in general I think you can figure out who will fit in our little community.

A person that fits in with us and doesn't take Eve too seriously and preferably who doesn't need to plex to play

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