IRC and why I hate PCs

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IRC and why I hate PCs

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:58 am

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So, I'm trying desperately to get into the IRC channel this holiday so I can run some Star Citizen with you guys. I've used both Macs and PCs thouughout a graphics career and am familiar with both.

From my Mac I download a client telling the machine where to place the main program. The Mac then automatically decompresses it and places a launch icon on my desktop. I double click, it opens and runs. I enter my details and an address, it then asks me for an admin password, I provide it, done. I now have the option of setting this link as a favorite with a button click.

But, SC is on PC, so I begin the Odyssey.

IT starts with the download of the IRC client, mIRC, and the script, NNScript. I find out where they are and hit the exe files. All seems to go well. I follow, to the letter, the IRC guide here on the site and all seems fine. Personal info in, address set, I have a MGT folder with an STR sub. Only, for whatever reason, I can not enter them as a favorite. I then open the NN script and can not find the MGT file, nor the STR, for the life of me to add tem as a favorite.
Multiple attempts, restarts, deletions, and re-entries are made, all to no avail. NNScript can not see the MGT server (yes, both programs reside in the same space). Instructions followed, experiments made, files shuffled, no deal.
So, after 20+ minutes of anger and frustration, I decided to simply join via browser. BUT, of course my Java is out of date. SO, I download Java, load it into the browser and try again. WAIT, the security certificates aren't a high enough value to pass the Java check. SO, I have to give permission for to bypass the security, BUT I don't seem to have the authority to do that, even when I log into my own computer as admin.
THEN when I do get in, it seems that the browser simply will not accept any input into the override window.
SO, the computer and keyboard are still in one piece, but are teetering on the edge of destruction. Blood pressure is up to NASA levels..

Doing anything on the PC is like trying to do my taxes blindfolded while arguing with a health insurance rep on the phone as a wolverine slowly gnaws my toes off.

So, I probably wont be joining via mIRC. Anyone have any info for Teamspeak or a more thorough guide for idiots on the mIRC front?
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Re: IRC and why I hate PCs

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 2:44 pm

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Hey Oz.

Sorry that the IRC guide wasn't of much help to ya. There are other clients out there (and you can use mIRC without nnscript) though when I first joined, it was the combo of mIRC & NNScript that I was given a walkthrough for how to set up and I've used it ever since. I even use my own guide when it comes to reinstalling just incase I forget anything heh.

I've heard that HexChat is easy to use & set up but give this a go first. Here's the channel details:
IRC.jpg (32.8 KiB) Viewed 8085 times
Just tried it myself and connected to the channel in seconds without any probs.

Longer term, I think we should give Discord a try as a potential replacement for IRC. I've yet to try it myself (oither than creating a username) but it's really taking off atm. Tis made by gamers, for gamers. Has both text chat & voice chat built in, has a mobile app for both Android & iOS so you can use it whilst you're at work or out and about if you like, can connect via the client or your browser, has an ingame overlay for use whilst you're gaming and it's completely free to use as well. Lirik has spoken highly of it, BD linked it on IRC some weeks back and I know CIG use it for Star Citizen stuff as well.
[Edit1: I'm going to start setting a Discord channel up for us now]
[Edit2: Done]
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Re: IRC and why I hate PCs

PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:32 pm

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HexChat is what I use personally, and it is fairly easy to set up. I haven't used mIRC in ages, so don't have much idea on how it works these days.

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