Joining the SSX

- Official Links:

Official US World of Warcraft site:

Official EU World of Warcraft site:

Official US Blizzard site:

Official UK Blizzard site:

- Unofficial World of Warcraft resource sites:

Thottbot: - Huge Wow database full of quest, weapon, armor etc info.

Allakhazam: - WoW database & forums.

WorldofWar: - Strategy compendium

WoW IGN: - IGN's WoW resource site.

- Unofficial World of Warcraft mod sites:

CTMod: - The home of CTRaidAssist & other CTMods.

Curse Gaming: - Site full of tons of WoW mods.

- Other useful links:

IrfanView: - Good free program to open WoW screenshots in.

Warcraft Movies: - Site which has tons of WoW movies.

- Useful links - SSX Forums.

Libram & ZG enchant guide

Sofia's talent build/s

Snowstar's mage guide

Darmoon Faire Info