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[Important] TOR server transfers

As you will all be aware by now BioWare recently started opening up transfers from select lower-population "origin" servers to new "destination" servers in order to help populate the servers and give players a chance to play on a more active one.

As of last night Bloodworthy has now become one of 20 EU-PvP origin servers open to transfers to Tomb of Freedon Nadd. Players are now free to transfer from Bloodworthy over to ToFN free of charge.

Rather than making us a destination server which would have helped our population by bringing new folk in, by becoming an origin server they've only made matters worse for us as our population will only get lower. That is, unless, they merge servers like ours once they have finished with the transfer process however we cannot guarantee this.

Do we stay put regardless?. Our server could be pretty much dead within the next day or two if too many players leave. Those of us who pvp or join random flashpoints will find it much harder (or even impossible) to find groups and join warzone queues.

Wait and see how things go?. It's a fact that our population WILL drop even further from this. We could wait and see by how much but we run the risk of missing our opportunity to transfer by doing this. There's also the hope that BioWare may later merge our server with another one once the transfers are over so that servers like ours haven't been permanently left worse off than they were before. We cannot guarantee this though as they haven't announced future plans.

Do we leave for Tomb of Freedon Nadd?. If we transfer even for guilds it is a manual process. There is no automatic procedure in place for migrating guilds which means we would have to disband our guild on Bloodworthy and have each of us manually transfer ourselves over and then reform our guild from scratch. Character & Legacy names may also be taken in which case those affected would have to rename themselves.

I am not sure how long these transfers will be open for so I think it best that we make a decision very soon. I don't know if they will give us an end date to transfer by or whether they will take it upon themselves to disable transfers to select destination servers when they reach a certain limit, in which case I wouldn't want to risk us leaving it too long to decide, starting to move over and then BioWare to close transfers mid-way through our migration splitting us up even further.

What does everyone think?

Please see the forums asap!

SSX-TOR Event Results

This evening saw our little SSX pvp tournament in The Old Republic.

The prizes which were up for grabs were:

- A Korrealis Commander landspeeder (discontinued and no longer sold at vendors) plus a copy of The Witcher on Steam.

- A pair of Black-Green Hawkeye Crystals (only obtainable during the Rakghoul event last month) plus a copy of Lone Survivor on Steam.

- A pair of Red (or blue) Hawkeye Crystals plus a copy of Company of Heroes on Steam.

- One Unusual Egg (to be hatched into an Orokeet pet) and a custom augmented lightsaber.

Each of us started out by dueling each other a total of three times. I had a slight (!) advantage over the others and won all of my duels in this round leaving me with 9 wins, 0 losses. So to spice things up for round 2 I had everyone duel me again (3 each) with me wearing half of my gear. I lost 3 of 9 :p

For round 3 everyone else dueled each other another 3 times, excluding myself.

And finally, for round 4 and for a bit of fun I stripped to my boxsers and dueled everyone with only my lightsabers equipped. No armour, no implants, no relics. I won 1 of 9!


The rounds were:

Round1: 9 duels each for all of us vs each other

Round2: 9 duels for me vs everyone else wearing half of my armour (so 3 for everyone else)

Round3: 6 duels each for all vs each other except me

Round4: 9 duels for me vs everyone with just my gloves (so 3 for everyone else)

So 27 duels for MS [My Wins/Losses didn't count towards prizes]

and 21 duels for everyone else


Jokes aside and discounting my score the results were:

1st place - Ash

2nd place - Syn'n

3rd place - Anny

Thanks for coming folks and I hope you all enjoyed it too! [Comments can be left in this thread]

Enjoy your prizes ;)

SSX-TOR Guild Tournament!

After a while in the planning stages today I am happy to announce the upcoming "SSX-TOR guild tournament!"

This was an idea I've had for quite some time now as another fun way of bringing our group together in the game, giving away a few cool prizes and doing something we haven't really done in the SSX before.

Also what with people in the community waiting for 1.2 this past month or so (some of our members included) the overall activity of the game has definitely dropped a little. I'm hoping this will excite and give people here something else to look forward to.

I won't repeat the specifics of the tournament here but please see this thread for all the details including rules, date/time and rewards up for grabs.

Feel free to comment!

The Lost Island

After a relatively quiet month with many of us waiting for the next game update to hit the live servers or simply busy with other things, tonight a group of us got together once again to hit up a flashpoint.

Tonights challenge was the new flashpoint introduced just a few days ago in patch 1.2, Lost Island. With this being our first journey out there and knowing next to nothing about what to expect we decided to see what it was like in normal mode first. A challenge it certainly was.

SSX Lost Island Run

Bioware have obviously put a lot of thought into this new flashpoint and in terms of encounter difficulty and setting it pretty much raises the bar. With each boss fight we had one phase or another which completely took us all by surprise and yes, wiped us a few times. Whether that was being flung to our deaths into a pit of lava or suddenly having waves of falling icicles drop upon us we were beginning to wonder what other surprises would be in store for us. All being said once we figured out how each fight played out we had no trouble clearing the rest of the flashpoint including the crazy bugger Dr. Lorrick himself.

A good night by all!. I'm sure we'll have our hands full when we come to attempt this in hard mode ^^

Also in other news the SSX now has its own guild bank which can be found in the Galactic Trade Market on the Imperial Fleet. Currently we just have two bank vaults available but should we need more space we can add a third vault for a further 2m credits. If anyone is drowning in cash or feels like donating feel free to deposit whatever you can. If/when we reach the 2m mark we can withdraw it and expand to a third if needed. Also it goes without saying that if there's anything you need help yourself!

Our meeting with The Infernal One & D7 HM Cleared

Those of us in The Old Republic have had a blast this weekend.

Starting on the Saturday evening all of our level 50s got together for our very first run of the Eternity Vault. Most of this flashpoint was a breeze for us and we cleared our way to the final boss, the Infernal One, without issues. We attempted to finish this place on Sunday but unfortunately got stopped in our tracks due to an issue with certain floor tiles not appearing when they should, meaning we had nowhere to jump down to when sections of the floor were falling through.

We will however be returning in 2 weeks time to give this another shot. The boss himself doesn't seem too difficult in normal mode.


As well as our EV run a group of us did yet another run of The Black Talon, or more like a speed run nowadays!. To think this place seemed hard initially hehe.

Last but not least the group ended on another high by returning to Directive 7 and facing Bulwark once again. We not only got our revenge by downing him for the first time in hardmode but we successfully cleared the rest of the flashpoint too!

SSX Clear D7

This brings the group to 4 cleared hardmode flashpoints. We have yet to attempt either The Battle for Ilum or The False Emperor but we plan to do so very soon.

For the exact date & time of our next EV run and all future planned group activities please see this thread and our MOTD ingame.

Well done to all and thanks for making this weekend both extremely enjoyable and successful for the group too. Roll on next time!

(Level 50s present during this weekends runs were: Anubis, Ash, Chaos, Chim, Eeks, Rigby, Snowstar & Syn'n)

SSX Clear D7

3rd hardmode cleared

Since our last news post I can report that the SSX-TOR group have cleared both the Black Talon & Boarding Party flashpoints several times together since. Now that we have mastered these two easier flashpoints we've we decided to set our sights on the next ones up, the first one being the Foundry. I can happily announce that a group of us took the place by storm this weekend and successfully cleared that one as well, making it the third hardmode flashpoint we have completed. - Congrats to all involved!

Next weekend (March 10th) is our planned Eternity Vault run. As a reminder this is an 8 man operation so if we are to do this we will require both of our tanks & healers online and all of our dps members too otherwise it won't be possible to do an SSX run. (Just to note that this is not a requirement of course and if we do not have the people online we will go back to doing a normal hardmode instead most likely, unless people really wanted to look for randoms to fill SSX EV slots. However it would be great to do something with a bigger group like this to get more of us involved and playing together.)

Boarding Party HM cleared

Yesterday evening the SSX spent some time attempting another flashpoint, this time it was the Boarding Party in hard mode.

I can report that we had yet another successful night together. The final boss battle (which consisted of Commander Jorland, Security Chief Massey and Medical Officer Alon) did take us a few attempts whilst we got to grips with the encounter & tried different tactics but we got there in the end and successfully downed the three of them, finished the flashpoint for the first time.

SSX Boarding Party Run

(First boss "HXI-54 Juggernaut" pictured. Our party was: Ash, Eeks, Snowstar & myself)

This marks the second hard mode flashpoint which we have completed as a guild and will hopefully be one of many yet to come.

Stay tuned for future guild progress!

A successful evening in TOR

This evening saw the first day of our pre-scheduled SSX grouping in The Old Republic.

Our group (Anubis, Ash, Eeks & myself) started off with a fullly cleared hard mode run of the Black Talon flashpoint followed by a trip to Directive 7, also hard mode.

Unfortunately we didn't make it past the Bulwark encounter in D7 HM this time but much fun was had by all. (Don't you worry, we will be back for you!)

SSX Directive 7 Run

More runs are planned for the same time next week (Saturday 25th at 7pm GMT) but we may do some during the week on the spur of the moment too if we can.

In the meantime feel free to check out the gallery where you'll find a selection of screenies from tonights events.

Level 50 group activities

Our SSX guild in The Old Republic now has seven level 50 characters with several other members working their way up as well.

To make the most out of our time together as a group and thus get to experience more of what the game currently has to offer we're planning to run some of this content together as a group every weekend (Saturday's, when possible). For instance hardmode flashpoints, premade warzone groups and when we're able, operations.

We'll be starting these from this coming Saturday (18th) at 7pm GMT. The amount of groups we can run will depend on how many members we have online at the time, most importantly tanks & healers, but we're hoping these will become a regular thing for us. As our guild continues to grow and more people reach 50 it's also likely that we'll start running these on the spur of the moment on other days too. ~ Please see this thread for any future events we may have arranged.

If you've got a level 50 character and you'd like the option to be able to participate in these with us you can start by checking over your gear and seeing what needs improving.

When you hit 50 your aim should be either pvping to get full champion (centurion at the very least) or you can stick to doing the dailies on Belsavis & Ilum for the purple mods and earpiece etc.

Get gearing, peeps. Looking forward to it!

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