SSX-TOR Event Results

This evening saw our little SSX pvp tournament in The Old Republic.

The prizes which were up for grabs were:

- A Korrealis Commander landspeeder (discontinued and no longer sold at vendors) plus a copy of The Witcher on Steam.

- A pair of Black-Green Hawkeye Crystals (only obtainable during the Rakghoul event last month) plus a copy of Lone Survivor on Steam.

- A pair of Red (or blue) Hawkeye Crystals plus a copy of Company of Heroes on Steam.

- One Unusual Egg (to be hatched into an Orokeet pet) and a custom augmented lightsaber.

Each of us started out by dueling each other a total of three times. I had a slight (!) advantage over the others and won all of my duels in this round leaving me with 9 wins, 0 losses. So to spice things up for round 2 I had everyone duel me again (3 each) with me wearing half of my gear. I lost 3 of 9 :p

For round 3 everyone else dueled each other another 3 times, excluding myself.

And finally, for round 4 and for a bit of fun I stripped to my boxsers and dueled everyone with only my lightsabers equipped. No armour, no implants, no relics. I won 1 of 9!


The rounds were:

Round1: 9 duels each for all of us vs each other

Round2: 9 duels for me vs everyone else wearing half of my armour (so 3 for everyone else)

Round3: 6 duels each for all vs each other except me

Round4: 9 duels for me vs everyone with just my gloves (so 3 for everyone else)

So 27 duels for MS [My Wins/Losses didn't count towards prizes]

and 21 duels for everyone else


Jokes aside and discounting my score the results were:

1st place - Ash

2nd place - Syn'n

3rd place - Anny

Thanks for coming folks and I hope you all enjoyed it too! [Comments can be left in this thread]

Enjoy your prizes ;)

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