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You'll prove your worth with every battle as skill decides your fate. Whether battling horrific monsters or competing at the highest levels of tournament play, it will always be your skill that earns you victory or defeat.

In a world fraught with conflict... Where the human kingdoms are all but destroyed... Where guilds wage constant war for the Hall of Heroes...The call for a hero has sounded. Will it be you?

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Welcome to the Shattered Star Exiles' GuildWars Group website! On this site you will find the latest news for the GuildWars Group, a list of current active members in this group, the GuildWars Group's Forum, information on how to join the group and much more!

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GuildWars Group Website Completed!

Posted by Anubis on Saturday, April 30 2005

The Guildwars Group website is now fully completed with the news system now operational! I hope everyone enjoys using it.

If anyone has any issues with the site, or suggestions on how to improve it, please post them on the Guildwars Group Forums which can be found here: GuildWars Group Forums