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This page is here to help you keep track of which are the latest Source Code Project Files, thanks go to Lightspeed for taking the time to originally write this.

Latest tested and reliable SCP executable - HLP Nightly Builds

The current version of FRED2open - 3.8.0 Release

Additional artwork and files

The Freespace 2 Open Media VPs

Read the mediaVP descriptions to see what's included. If you just want to play without much hassle, this is probably the best way to get the new content.

Lightspeed's individual files (these may already be or not be in the mediaVPs)

  • In-Development shinemap 1.5 release
    Development zips containing alpha_env capable shinemaps. Included are static glowmaps, shinemaps with environmental maps, and upgraded base textures. It also makes use of DDS files, effectively saving you memory and thus not slowing down as much. Note that it is nowhere near complete yet. Updated weekly!

  • Animated Glowmaps for the in-development shinemap releases
    For faster computers, using animated glowmaps doesn't cause much of a slowdown (with properly designed animated glowmaps of course). Simply install this zip, and you will experience fully animated glowmaps. Definately recommended if you can run this at a reasonable performance.

  • Lighties explosion upgrade for FS2open
    Better LODed versions of the original [V] explosions for modern computers. The new version has been severely performance optimized and should run fairly well on all systems. This will also fix the "cut off" explosion problem people were complaining about.

  • The infamous retail-nebula patch
    A patch releasing the retail background nebulas with more or less fitting new nebula effects. While still looking significantly worse than missions made with (and for) the nebula zips, it will definately look better than the over-stretched blurry as hell retail nebulae.

  • New subspace textures

  • Original shinemap release (this is partially out-dated)
    Includes shinemaps for all ships that appear in Freespace 2 - the Freespace 1 ships have been shinemapped by GalacticEmperor. Version 1.1 fixes a couple of issues with corrupt files and overpowered specularity. The shinemaps are at the moment overhauled (see above) and thus this is becoming slowly replaced by the newer versions. This is also included in the textures MediaVP.

  • New weapon effects
    Upgrades the graphics of the weapons, and changes some of them to make use of new SCP features - like the Maxim being a ballistic primary, etc. This does require table changes, and is thus not compatible with multiplayer as it is. If you want to use them with multiplayer, please replace the weapons.tbl coming with the release with the multi patched version.

  • New sun images for FS2open
    Suns that finally allow you to use those really huge suns in mission without having blurry, ugly and pixelated edges everywhere.

  • Thruster Effects, B-L hybrids v1.2
    Great effects for use with Bobboau's new thruster code in Freespace SCP. They are based on thruster textures Bobboau released. They are heavily edited, fix a couple of issues of the originals, and contain completely new shivan thruster effects. I have had some ideas on how to improve these but I'm unable to get them to work before the thruster/hull intersection problem is fixed, which may make quite a while as it's a tricky bug. This is a recommended download, as the thrusters in the mediaVPs seem to be messed up at the moment.

  • High-resolution planets
    Replacements for all of Volitions planets. They look pretty similar to the originals, but are about 6 times their size. The latest version features fully included alpha transparency, so you can blend them perfectly on any backgrounds. Theyre available in DDS and TGA flavour, but the DDS images have horrible compression artifacts which is why I do NOT reccommend to use them if the TGA versions work for you. Only resort to the DDS versions (available from my website) if the TGA planets slow your computer down beyond playable FPS.

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