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Back To Vana'diel

That's right, it's been 14 years since we last marauded our way through the world of FFXI, but with the game's 20th anniversary being celebrated this year a couple of us have found ourselves dipping back into Vana'diel.

An awful lot has changed since we've been away, but we're slowly finding our feet and having fun doing it.

Fancy dusting off your old account, or even making a new one and jumping in to give the game a go?  Let us know on Discord and one of us can help you get setup (there's a few hoops to jump through if you're a returning player), point you in the direction of the starter information you need, and meet you ingame!

Old FFXI Group Videos Unearthed

FFXI? I know, it's been a while - 10 years to be exact since our group was active! But whilst doing a bit of server cleanup recently we've stumbled on some old group videos that we made back in 2006, and we've even put them live on our new Final Fantasy XI Group Videos Page! That's right, actual video content - we must be getting more modern or something...

Our thanks to BlackDove for filming all of these at the time, and they're a very cool look back into our groups of old. Feel free to take a look and enjoy!


Final Fantasy XI Group Returns

Back from the realms of inactivity, a few of us have decided to dust off our copies of Final Fantasy XI again and reactivate the linkshell.

You'll find us running around Asura re-acquainting ourselves with the game and dipping into the new Wings of the Goddess expansion pack which makes the game much more casual friendly and provides the opportunity to avoid those ever frustrating Group Waiting times for the higher levels.

If you want to come back to the game, or even start it fresh, you're welcome to join us. Drop by the Group Forum and let us know and we will sort you out with a World Pass and a linkpearl.

Final Fantasy XI July Version Update Has Arrived

During a long period of maintainance today the July version update for Final Fantasy XI finally arrived.

The update adds a new region, new Notorious Monster Battlefields, new Job Traits and Abilities, and more, along with many tweaks and improvements. It can be downloaded now through the PlayOnline Viewer.

It should be noted that the update did not contain the popular Chocobo Raising ability nor the new Aht Urghan missions promised due to extended testing requirements, these will follow seperately in several weeks. Specific dates can be found in the patch notes linked below.

Full patch notes for the update can be found here.

Final Fantasy XI Group Weekly Fishing Event

After a very fun and successful few hours fishing last Saturday the FFXI group have decided to startup a weekly fishing event for the group.

All group members are welcome to come along be it for relaxation, profit, or skill-ups, and naturally the chance to socialise with other members of the group.

If you want to participate in the event just bring your character along to Windurst Woods between 1 and 2PM GMT with your fishing gear and plenty of bait.

Additions to the FFXI Group Website

We have finished making some additions to the FFXI group website. The website now also contains a short guide for people seeking to join us in FFXI, mostly aimed at current SSX members.

We have a large influx of people about to try out the game, if any others seek to follow their lead in the future they can now find some information on the payment, its expansions, and creating a character on our server on the website.

Rapid Growth For The FFXI Group

After being up and running for just about 3 weeks the Final Fantasy XI group can proudly report that we have almost quadrupled our numbers. From two or three people actively playing the game we now have around twelve members, and the group is still growing.

We wish congratulations to the group and its members for this great success, and may it continue to expand as time goes on.

FFXI Garrison Event!

The members of the Final Fantasy XI group have been invited to a Garrison event in West Saru at 1PM EST (6PM GMT) on June 11th.

In order to attend the event you will need to be at least level 20, and be prepared to repel several waves of Beastmen.

To sign up for the event and for more information, see this thread

Final Fantasy XI Group Up and Running!

Within the last few days we've launched our latest group within the SSX, Final Fantasy XI. Several of us are venturing out into the world of Vanadiel (some of us are veterans there, others new) to seek adventure, and we now have enough to make the group official and start our own Linkshell.

Our group website has also now been completed and can be found here where you'll be able to find the latest updates about the group, a list of group members and their current skills, and screenshots.

Comments can be left on the group forum, as can applications if you wish to join us in our adventures across Vanadiel.

FFXI Website updates

We've updated the FFXI website with a number cosmetic things, as well as a redirect to it's own URL.

While it is still hosted on the SSX servers, and we consider them part of the family anyway, the new forum URL is external.

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