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Neocron Evolution 2.2 - Free gametime for all inactive accounts

Yesterday saw the release of Evolution 2.2, the latest update to Neocron. With the release of 2.2 everyone that has an inactive Neocron 2 game account has kindly been given 30 days of free playtime on their accounts (providing you weren't banned).

If you're interested in checking it out, you can download the new client from the official NC2 site.

More info on 2.2 and the changes can be found here. ;)

Neocron Patch 152 Released!

Reakktor have today released the Neocron Christmas Patch (152) bringing with it several new features along with bugfixes.

Most prominent in the patch notes are the introduction of new Sympathy missions which can be run to raise a character's sympathy with specific factions, these missions being obtainable from Tech Haven rather than the respective faction's HQ.

A fix for the problem of reloading has also been introduced (however it is stated that further adjustments to this issue are being worked on), along with the promise of a new weather effect, possibly the snow that people have been asking for for so long.

Full patch notes and discussion can be found here: Neocron Patch 152 Release Thread.

Neocron Evolution 2.1 Testing Period Extended

Due to the big success of Neocron Evolution 2.1 and Neocron Arcade: The N.M.E. Project, Reakktor has decided to extend the free game time for previous subscribers of the action-oriented cyberpunk MMORPG Neocron 2 by a week until December 22! All owners of a canceled Neocron 2 account may log in to Neocron 2 without reactivating the account to test the many improvements in the free Neocron Evolution 2.1 upgrade that was recently released.

Neocron Arcade - The N.M.E. Project Released!

Neocron Arcade, a new classic arcade shooter based on the world of Neocron, has been released!

You play as Mr Jones in the game, working for the CityAdministration, investigating reports about a strange creature that has appeared in the Wastelands.

The game takes you through places such as the newly implemented dungeon Regants Legacy and is completely free to all. Further information, screenshots, an FAQ, and download links can be found here for those interested.

Neocron Evolution 2.1 Released!

"We are very pleased to announce the release of Neocron Evolution 2.1 and the new website!

To celebrate the release, all expired Neocron 2 accounts have received 14 days of free play time. This allows all previous Neocron 2 players to check out the major changes like graphical improvements in the Wastelands and new weapon models, as well as the engine performance improvements. But other areas have also received improvements, like the revision of the faction system, the new zone rules, or the new quests and some new locations."

You can download Evolution 2.1 as either a full client or as a regular set of patches, you can find links to both of these download options in this thread.

We hope to see you ingame.

Neocron Free Evolution Test Run!

"In light of the major changes the Neocron Evolution 2.1 upgrade offers, all canceled Neocron 2 accounts will receive 14 days of free playing time to check out the upgrade. Starting December 1, 2005, the release date of the upgrade, all former Neocron 2 players will have 14 days to take a look at the improvements like the graphical updates, the new weapons, the engine improvements and the new content!" Official Discussion Thread

Anyone who takes up the offer of two free weeks can find us under the tags 'SSeX' ingame. Give one of us a shout, and we'll send an invite your way!

SSX-NC Recruitment underway

Recruitment in Neocron2 has now begun, please contact SSX-Biggie for further details or you can contact Notorious MIG ingame.

-SSX / Fallen Angels / Terra-

Update on the new HUD

Quoted from Nid:

"The replacement HUD is not yet at a level that we feel we can release and even though it will be completed at some point there is no date set currently (we're concentrating on stability, performance, and a number of other low-level engine improvements right now)."

NC2 Planfile #3

A 3rd planfile has been released from KK, some highlights from the planfile are:

- New marketing plan due to start in August, this campaign uses the "No more Elves!" slogan. No more details are known about this campaign as of yet.

- KK's partnership with Alchemic Dream comes to an end.

- KK plan to change the only RP server (Pandore) into the new international PvP Server in the very near future.

- KK to focus on stability issues.

- New features will only be implemented if either the load for the programming department is manageable.

- Playershops will not be implemented anytime in the near future.

- Content department will continue to implement new quests and locations into the game.

View the discussion on Planfile #3

View the discussion on the No more elves campaign

View the discussion on Pandore being changed from the only RP server into a PVP server

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