membership conditions

Conditions on becoming a member of this gaming group

You must agree to all of the following before you join:

  1. Read, understand and agree to any conditions stated in the "About Our Neocron 2 Group" page. - e.g. We DO NOT allow any type of multiclanning, spying, cheating, hacking, exploiting or anything along those lines.

    If you are caught spying for an enemy, whether it involves multiclanning, feeding information to and from an enemy or anything else like that you will be kicked without question, same goes for any type of hacking (cheating/exploiting) and multiclanning (multiclanning on the same server). These rules are all listed here and we always make them clear when recruiting so there are no excuses for doing such things, so please respect our rules and do not do them.

  2. Behaviour - You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language toward any other member. If you are found to be doing anything like this you will be receive a warning. If you receive 2 warnings then the next time you will be kicked from the clan. - We are a very friendly clan and we go very much by the ideal of Friendship.

  3. Register at our forums - If you are active ingame please read them as regularly as you can, even if you do not post very often.

    All members that are still active ingame will be added to a "mod roll list". This is basically a list of all active members. Every 3 months or so the moderators for the STR-NC forums will be rotated to the next few people on the members list. At some point during your time in NC you will be expected to be one of those moderators. (If you will be unabe to moderate our forum when it comes to your turn please state so.)

  4. Vouching System - We have a little policy of joining up - It is that you need to have at least 2 active members from this group to vouch for you before you can join. This just states that members of our clan have actually played with you before or know you personally. At least one of the 2 people must be of clan rank 11 - 15 ingame. Those being the Clan Council or higher clan rank who actually have the ability to add you to the clan. This ensures that people play with you and you're not left out.

  5. Have fun!


  1. You are encouraged to interact with the rest of the STR in the other general forums as well as the Neocron forums. You are part of the STR afterall! The STR play lots of different games together so even when you leave NC you are still part of the STR and it will be good for you to get to know other members of our clan =)

  2. You are encouraged to join our Discord where we all hang out. Previously we've used IRC heavily, but these days Discord takes care of all of our needs. If you need an ingame admin or a mod or admin from the forums you can almost always find them on Discord.

  3. You are encouraged to use our teamspeak servers. Especially our Alliance one which we use during outpost wars. - Information on this can be found in our members only forum.

Joining Up

If you wish to become a member of this group of the STR, please contact us either via the forums or ingame. We can be found ingame under the following:

  • Short: eXiles

  • Full: Shattered Star Exiles

  • Faction: The Fallen Angels

  • Server: Terra

Visit us on Discord

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