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Welcome to the Shattered Star Exiles' Dawn of War Group's website! On this site you will find the latest news for the Dawn of War Group, a list of current active members in this group, the Dawn of War Group's Forum, information on how to join the group and much more!

About Dawn of War

In the 41st Millennium mankind has spread its race and glory to over a million worlds throughout the far reaches of the Galaxy. But Humanity's expansion, in fact, its very existence, has not gone unchallenged. The enemies of man, including the savage and bloodthirsty Orks, the traitorous forces of Chaos, and the mysterious and powerful Eldar, wage constant war against the descendants of Earth, seeking to destroy them. The lives of untold billions of people, indeed the very survival of Humanity itself, depend upon the protection of the Master of Mankind, the Emperor of Man, and the Emperor's loyal, genetically-perfected and lethal warriors, the Space Marines.

SSX Army Paint Schemes

Thanks to the skills of SSX-Maester Seymour we here at the SSX have our very own paint schemes for every race in Dawn of War. Members don't have to use these schemes, but they really do look cool, and it'd be even cooler if we all used them. It's entirely up to you. The links below link to the seperate paint scheme for each different race.

Now that you have the colour schemes you will need the SSX badge and banner, these can be downloaded by right clicking on the following links and clicking "Save Target As".

Download the SSX Badge

Download the SSX Banner

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