Game Report - October 15th 2004

Team 1

  • ShadowWarrior (Space Marines)

  • SSX-MS (Chaos)

  • SSX-Naruto (Eldar)

  • Dribblejoy (Orks)

Team 2

  • Bluegalen (Chaos)

  • NightDreams (Eldar)

  • Mr_Whiskers (Space Marines)

  • Siffrith (Space Marines)

2 minutes into the game and Bluegalen launches an attack on a Strategic Point just outside of ShadowWarrior's base. This attack soon spreads down into his base. Chaos Marines from myself, Orks from DJ and Eldar units from QD are sent in to try help defend his base. Bluegalen is continuously sending squad after squad of marines and as well as the units that he is sending, ND reinforces him by sending a load of Eldar's too. After about 13 minutes things get a little rough so Shadow sneaks a servitor away to rebuild his base near mine.

Whilst all this is happening, Siffrith is starting to prepare a rush of marines to hit QD's base at the other end of the map...

As it seemed as tho most of Bluegalen's units were down at Shadow's base still, I snook a few squads of my troops over to his base to see if I could ambush him. Unfortunately it didn't work the first time round so I started to prepare some more for a second attempt ^^.

25 minutes into the game – The force that Stiffrith was building up makes its way to QD's base followed by units from ND and Bluegalen. We all try to defend for a while but end up pulling away back towards mine and DJ's bases as there were far too many of them for us. Whilst this massive battle is going on at QD's base, I send out a 2nd lot of units up to Bluegalen's base for another attempt at destroying his base. I manage to get there undetected and the only defence he had at his base was 1 squad of chaos raptors. This attack was working great until ND turned up with his Avatar of Khaine lol.

40 minutes into the game – Shadow's base gets attacked yet again by a load of units, we all send some help over but it ain't lookin good for us. At the same time I make a 3rd attempt at destroying Bluegalens base lol. DJ goes and separately attacks Siffrith's base, and QD is secretly moving around the map building webway gates. Our attacks don't succeed though and eventually Shadow, Myself and DJ lose our bases. The last part of the game was all 4 enemy teams searching around the map for all of QDs hidden webway gates that he kept teleporting from hehe.

Was a great game even though we lost, lasted for 67 mins.

Here's the score board for the game:

Score Board
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