Welcome to the Shattered Star Exiles' Anarchy Online Group's website! On this site you will find the latest news for the Anarchy Online Group, a list of current active members in this group, the Anarchy Online Group's Forum, information on how to join the group and much more!

Group Information

The world of Rubi-Ka is a living breathing world, its citizens shaping a bold new future for themselves despite the on-going conflict that always threatens to disturb the peace on the planet. Even now, as mysterious alien forces threaten Rubi-Ka's very existance, the planet still welcomes new colonists each and every day as tens of thousands of futures are forged, our future, your future...

About Anarchy Online

Joining the SSX

In order to join the Shattered Star Exiles you must:

1) Post a message on the forums letting us know that you want to join. Then one of the moderators can agree to play with you to get to know you better. This is not a test of skill, its just a game to let us get to know you.

The SSX has implemented a new policy. For you to become a new member you will need to get two current SSX members to vouch for you. This is alot easier than it sounds. Just worry about playing and having fun, as that is the main point of being here in the first place.

2) It is recommended that you join our IRC channel (server: irc.maxgaming.net port: 6667 channel: #SSX) so that we can easily get in touch with you when we need to. For those of you without an IRC client you can use the free client that we have provided here: Free IRC Client. We also have a Teamspeak server that you can join (teamspeak.cleversheep.com:9767) to use it you will need to contact Inquisitor via a PM on the forums so that he can create you an account. You can grab the Teamspeak Client here.

3) And most of all HAVE FUN!