Getting Anarchy Online

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Getting Anarchy Online

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 3:51 pm

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Main Anarchy Online Site

Register Free account at:


*You can play free of charge until January 15th 2006. Should Funcom deem
that a too high-increase in server load or other unforeseen events will
lessen the experience for existing players the offer will be terminated at
our discretion. The free version does not include access to any of the three
expansion packs. Should you wish to upgrade to any of the expansion packs
monthly subscription and client fees will be added.

Download page:

I would recommend downloading the large client. Yes it is large but if you
ever decide to upgrade to Shadowlands and/or Alien Invasion you will not
have to download the client again and patch again.

Then last but not least we play on the Atlantean server, and are part of the Omni Faction.

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