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Links. All the Links...

PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:49 pm

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Just a few handy links for those inclined. As more become available, we'll have a tidy up and an edit.


Well, it's WoWhead... but for ESO... It's a source of useful(ish) knowledge. A lot of it is redundant at this time as early access has just begun and data has yet to be mined, but for those so inclined it looks to be rather a useful source of information.

Current useful features:
Skill Calculator
Crafting Simulator
World Maps

For anyone wishing to contribute, you can download the ESOHead addon here. This includes the setup guide if your digital digits are all thumbs.


UI addons. Most addons are now launch-ready. To install unzip and drop the addon folder into Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\LiveEU\AddOns, where Live EU is either Live EU or Live NA. I suggest Wykkyd's Gaming Suite as a good starting point.


Home to Entropy Rising. A guild of some notable report, but moreover - a rather friendly and useful bunch. I've had nothing but good experiences with them and they're doing a lot to build a community resource. Tip of the hat thattaway.

You can catch up on the latest news and gossip hot from the servers. They've also really done their sums. There's a lot of meta game discussion on the community forum, and they've provided some great data on the crafting hub if numbers are your jam. The forums themselves are well run, and there's always something you can use. They've even done gone cobbled up an interactive map for you all to enjoy. Fairly handy for tracking down that skyshard when you just can't solve the riddle.

Current useful features:
Crafting Hub
Interactive Map


Currently doing a lot to highlight all the best bits as well as challenge peoples traditionalist views toward character creation. Take a look at some of his builds for some really fun, outside the box ideas, and of course some flat out carnage inducing builds. Remember kids - your class is just a small slice of that big old freedom pie.


Honourable mention just for the sheer stick-to-it-iveness. They've been counting down for around a year and putting out some rather entertaining casts in the process. ALL HAIL THE FISHY STICK!


There's no auction house in ESO. Guilds run stores that people can buy from, but if you don't fancy hopping to Cyrodiil, then maybe try here. You can buy and sell, and the transactions use in-game Cash on Delivery mechanics. I haven't tested if you can accept payment in materials, but I will be doing this at launch.
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