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What is IRC?

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It was originally written by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988. Since starting in Finland, it has been used in over 60 countries around the world. IRC is a multi-user chat system, where people meet on "channels" (rooms, virtual places, usually with a certain topic of conversation) to talk in groups, or privately. There is no restriction to the number of people that can participate in a given discussion, or the number of channels that can be formed on IRC.

Downloading and Installing IRC

1. Download the mIRC & NNScript bundle here. Feel free to use any other IRC client if you wish and know what you're doing, but this guide is specifically for mIRC & NNScript. Alternatively you can connect to our channel via your browser right here.

2. Install mIRC to your directory of choice, followed by NNScript to the same location.

Configuring Your Client

1. Launch your mIRC client and go to 'Tools > Options > Connect' and enter your details, such as the nickname you want to use. Now select Servers and click "Add", then enter the following information, hit OK, and leave the options window:

IRC Guide 1

2. Now select Options from the Connect submenu. Make sure "Connect on Startup" and "Reconnect on disconnection" are both ticked. Now click on the "Perform" button.

3. In the Perform menu, click "Add" and then select the server that you just added from the list. If you've entered the same details as above it should be under "MGT". In the perform commands box you need to write "/join #STR", as follows:

IRC Guide 2

4. Now click 'NNScript > Setup > Favorite networks'. Find "MGT" in the list of available networks and hit the right arrow to move it into the box of Favorite networks on the right. Now you want to add the same details here as you did at the beginning of this guide (your nickname, etc). For example:

IRC Guide 3

5. Your mIRC client should now be set up and will auto connect to the STR server each time you open it. Close your client and re-launch it!

Note: If you're running Windows 8.1 you might find yourself presented with a program compatibility alert saying "this program might not have run correctly". Just ignore it if this happens! If you run into any problems with the above you may want to try running the program as administrator and see if that helps. Otherwise, you can always ask on our forums!

Advanced Setup (Optional)

1. To register your nickname type in the following command whilst you are logged on with the nickname you would like to claim: "/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL"

Where PASSWORD is the password you want to use to identify yourself, and EMAIL is the address you want to register your nickname to. From this point on the only person who will be able to use that nickname is you. You can use "/nick NICKNAME" to change to your registered nickname if for whatever reason you are signed in with a different name.

You will then need to type "/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD" to authenticate yourself each time you log on with your registered nickname.

2. The above process can also be made much easier through one further quick and easy change. If you would like mIRC to automatically sign you in with your registered nickname, then all you need to do is add the above commands to the "Perform" area - as a reminder you can find that via Tools > Options > Connect > Options > Perform

Connection issues / PeerBlock user note

If you're having trouble connecting to our server and you're using PeerBlock this could be why. You'll want to have a look and see if "Sharktech Internet Services" ( is being blocked and permanently allow it by right clicking if it is. You should then be able to connect. Alternatively check your Firewall if that's not the culprit, or ask on the forums - could just be a case of the server being down!

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