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Group Information

The world of Rubi-Ka is a living breathing world, its citizens shaping a bold new future for themselves despite the on-going conflict that always threatens to disturb the peace on the planet. Even now, as mysterious alien forces threaten Rubi-Ka's very existance, the planet still welcomes new colonists each and every day as tens of thousands of futures are forged, our future, your future...

About Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online Group Members

Here you will find a list of all of the members of our Anarchy Online Group and the names of the characters they play. Note that only the members who are signed up to our fourm and who have posted their character names in the Role Call thread will be included in this list:

SSX-NightFury -- Rhorek and Integrity

SSX-Killjoy -- Killjoypg

SSX-esd -- Gittus

SSX-JarodRah -- Jarodrah and Xortaprime

SSX-Tepa -- Laxity

SSX-BlackDove -- Creuset

SSX-Thalastian -- Thalaztian

SSX-Athon Solo -- Sarfa, Rase and Rylath

SSX-Raa -- Ngelaino

SSX-Blue Star -- Alexinas

SSX-Delzel -- Delzel

SSX-Sidearms -- Sidearms