AQ40 nature reisistance pants

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AQ40 nature reisistance pants

PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 7:15 pm

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First of all it's great to see somany people in Maraudon :) We won't really be needing it much untill the fifth AQ40 boss but we will NEED it when we get there :P.

As I've said in my other guide for every class there is a quite easely obtainable +25 nature resistance pants in Silithus.
Ze pants:

Mage and Warlock:

In order to get the quest to kill the raidboss you must do a series of prequests, the chain starts here:
Leading to:
And then:
They require you to kill lots of elite bugs in Silithus, get a group together and work it out.

I did this boss some time ago with mostly just randoms raid, its a pretty easy boss to kill so the biggest problem is to do all the prequests, Id like to organise a raid to kill this boss sometimes in the near future (in 2 weeks maby?).
Please post here if you'd like to take part in this, look at ze pants! you know you want them! :P

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 9:12 am

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Completed all prequests this morning - all hives are easy to get to and solo except Hive'Regal where the glyph is guarded by Natalia (which you also have to kill for Into the Maw of Madness). Still Natalia is doable with a mere party of 3 so no big worries there either.

I am up for the Calling raid Dodo whenever you want to call the raid up! :thumb:

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